♣ Dragon Nest CBT is not the end ♣


Yeahooo!!!! Got myself in for the CBT in Dragon Nest SEA and had so much fun in the game.
Good news for Dragon Nest players is that, OBT version will be available soon at mid of August!
I can't wait for the OBT Dragon Nest! 
(Still need to wait for at least a month till the OBT date is announced, wtf?)

So there are four basic classes in Dragon Nest
 Warrior, Archer, Cleric and Sorceress

Click Here for some details on the class classification!

I used to love Archer class because I think they are pretty cool when they are in combat.
(Bow is AWESOME!)
However, I chose to use Sorceress in Dragon Nest (I have never been using any Magician class in any MMO game before)
Well, I just love to see how those monster being killed with AOE skills, instance kills for the win *grinning*

There is a job advancement at level 15 and players can choose their preferable jobs. For instance, as a sorceress, I chose to become a force user, where she empowers by the dark elements.


And not to forget, PVP system is available in OBT of Dragon Nest SEA, here is a sneak peak for the PVP system.

Class: Force User VS Bowmaster
*Note: Sething's Force User is awesome

Let's try to see gameplay from  other classes as well.
Class: Elemental Lord VS Force User
*Note: Red-haired is Elemental Lord


Class: Mercenary VS Paladin
*Note: Mercenary is the blue-haired toon

Class: Swordmaster VS Mercenary
*Note: Blue-haired is Swordmaster

Class: Acrobat VS Swordmaster

Class: Bowmaster Solo Abyss Map
*Note: 半糖 has came out with all job reviews and has good PVE skills 

Class: 4 Priests in Cerberus Map

Enough of the videos and get yourself prepared for the OBT!
Sign up at the Official Website of Dragon Nest SEA now

Not to forget, Follow them Twitter and Facebook for the latest news!

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