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Hello Peepo, I might not so into with the political issues that is happening in my own country, however, 09 July 2011 was a pretty memorable day for Malaysians.

It is suppose to be a peaceful Saturday as usual, however, with all the advanced notices and news from the newspapers, this Saturday tends to be unusual.

Reason: Bersih 2.0 is on rally mission around Kuala Lumpur area.

Well, Bersih 2.0 is formed by political parties and wanted a fair system for the upcoming election in Malaysia.
Here is some info on Bersih 2.0. Click HERE 

And so, there were a lot of UPDATED videos in YouTube showing some scenes happened during the rally.
What amazed me was an uncle from Sibu came for this rally action. O_O
I wanted to salute him for his braveness 
The most interesting part was he asked for the reason of being caught and the polices could not answer him.

Election in Malaysia, Democratic system in Malaysia,
I knew I have no rights to comment about it, but I knew, I am part of the Malaysians.
I'm young but I have no guts to go on rally like those uncles and aunties did.
But I understand, I do have a lil' freedom of speech, isn't it?
Barisan Negara, Bersih 2.0, UMNO and political parties in Malaysia,
for the pass 10 years, we all knew what is going on with the country.
Taxes and inflation rates are increases dramatically.
The rich are getting richer; the poor are getting poorer.
Why is this happening when you promises things will getting better?
Fair and equal treatment to all Malaysians,
but what I feel and experience is difference with the bullshits given by the leaders.
1 Malaysia is to unite all Malaysians with the same goals and vision,
but what I see is the usage of our people's taxes on USELESS Facebook, not to mention on the expenses for every trips by every government officers in Malaysia. 
Our voices and thoughts should be reached to the authority and yet, we are being ignored.
There are thousands of people watching us right now, we are being watched from all around the world. They are watching us, and questioning us, yet, this is how you answered them.

Steady Malaysia, I love Malaysia, this is where I born, I meet my friends, I meet my colleagues, and I meet my boy. This is where I started my life and why, disappointment is always there? I am sorry Malaysia, I could not afford to say that I love you anymore. I am upset with you, Malaysia.
Peace peepo, this is just a thought of mine. I wish, the officers could come out with an APPROPRIATE crisis management with all the incidents happened today.

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