♣ 21st BUTTday for XiaoBai ♣


23rd of September, is the BUTTday for XiaoBai and also KC.
As this post is dedicated to only XiaoBai, so I wouldn't meantion how  I celebrate BUTTday with KC. 
(Meh~ it's just a normal dating)

So the day before XiaoBai's Buttday, we went to Zouk
It's pretty fun for the night because of the drunkards (Abby-chan and XiaoBai). I couldn't stop laughing on Abby's reaction though.

We dressed up nicely and had fun with the camera.

Later on, we celebrated Bai's buttday on the 23rd night with BBQ session. I met back quite some old friends and I missed them. Xiao Bai was the host and wala! I have no pictures to upload at the moment. 
(I shall upload them once I got those pictures)

A lil' message for you, Xiao Bai

We were once being close friends ever,
we cried, happy, and enjoyed together.
We then got fed up with small matter,
which made us not to talk again forever.
We tried to fix the broken bond,
but still we couldn't be the best friend forever.
Now that we are close again,
no matter what happen, 
you are still my friend.
I'm sorry for being such a loser,
for all I know, still friends are better.

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