♣ Dragon Nest: OBT Rewards ♣


As mentioned on previous post: : Let's play Dragon Nest , it's time to receive these rewards.

First reward: Black Little Devil Wing
My toon, FurFer got this little wing on her back.
Isn't it cute and trendy?

Second Reward: Raid2Gether Helmet
I do look a lil' funny on this right?

OK, here comes what everyone is waiting for: PVP Colosseum and Minotour Nest!
I don't really love to PVP but yeah, let's give it a try, I might fell in love it.
As for the Minotour Nest, I am ready to become a BULL slayer and stance a chance to get the Challenger's set!

The only Requirement to get the set is just to be the TOP 3 teams in EACH world with the fastest timing to clear Minotour Nest. 
Take a look what's inside Minotour Nest and prepare yourself for the challenge!

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