♣ Beauty Expo 2011 ♣


Yes, once again Beauty Expo Fair is here. I'm pretty sure girls like me would love everything in this fair, even guys do love this fair. They have everything for us, from the head to the toes.They categorized the products into 5:
  • Beauty Salon, Spa & Wellness
  • Packaging, Contract Manufacturing & Private Labelling
  • Hair Products & Equipment
  • Nail Products & Tools
  • Makeup & Education
Entrace fee for the fair is RM10. Hwoever, if you are a student of having any business card attached to the registration form, the entrace is FOC. Your name will be printed out on the tag though.

Unfortunately, I did not buy much from the fair because I still have unfinished products with me. Here are some products I got from the fair.

Eye Contour Ampoule - RM 10 for 10x10ml

Jelly Pad - I got amazed with the demo on the pad actually could absorb 60ml of water and it still dry. According to the salesgirl, the pad is using the similar concept of a baby diaper, which help the pad to be long lasting and comfortable as well. (I went WOW on the baby diaper part)

Collagen Eye Mask - RM1 each, it says help to reduce dark eyes circles problem, eyes wrinkles and improve the eyes area to be firm. Let's have a rty on these babies.

Click HERE for more information on Beauty Expo Fair

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