♣ Facebook Timeline - Memories Ahead ♣


Here's another uber fun experience in Facebook
The Timeline! 
And so everyone will be wondering what so special about the current Timeline feature in Facebook. 
(Me no likey!)

Of course not this, it should be this.
(Heard it will be releasing on the 10th October 2011)

Few weeks ago my classmates, Afey, showed me this and he said this feature will release soon. 
Few days later I browsed on EveryoneConnects and found the secret behind of Facebook Timeline.

Check out on the video to find out more about Timeline

Interest to get your profile like mine? Try this!

Follow the steps by Ben Jern Loh on his post - Make your FB profile SUPER BEAUTIFUL, Timeline Style

Do take note on this, the new profile can only be seen to the developers (ME!).
Just share around with others and you could too, see your friends' timeline!
(Stalker ftw)

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