♣ Saint Haven | Journey to the Hell ♣


New town finally, I was so eager to explore new adventure but sadly, it's not heaven at all.
Prepared everything and wala! It's time to board the Airship Nautilus to Sant Haven.
(I got myself to level 32, yay!)

First impression: Wo Oh... I am so gonna get myself lost in the town. It's 10 times bigger than Calderock Village and the NPC are so far apart from each other. Still, it's nice for some photo shooting going on in the town.

There's a palace in Saint Haven and guess who I found, The King Cassius
He's a lil' chibby one, with such a big crown on him.

I'm rich!

So here's the excitement, let me present you the Cerberus Nest~~~
Check out on this clip
P/S: It's not recommended for a beginner to solo the Cerberus Nest, the loots are better with 4 members in a party, and of course you will be a lil' safer than you solo.

Bunny hunt! Well it's not really a bunny hunt but it's a hidden stage for players to spend their time.
You will need dimentional key to enter this stage and get yourself rewarded with the materials to create skill rings.
There are two Chaos Opening stage at the moment, one is located at Gray Ruins, the other one is at Saint Haven. Here is the one at Gray Ruins.

Update: Level 40 Content is coming out on 13th December 2011. Stay Tune!

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