♣ Chinese New Year | Reunion ♣


As for me, Chinese New Year is all about food, angpaos and gambling! Not to forget, this is the only time I can spam and upload all the pictures to Twitter~

So the day before Chinese New Year was Reunion day, where family members having meals together on a table.I went back to Melacca but sadly, I didn't get the chance to look at the Dragon decoration at the Jonker Street. Anyways, look at these food, best cooking ever~

Ever come across of the mascot for the dragon year? It's this, the Happy Dragon~
Apparently my cousins have the time to queue up just to buy this lil' thing. 

So I took a lot of pictures of me, myself and I on the first day of Chinese New Year.
Hi cousie! you look super chio here.

Then with my beloved sister, Jessica. I'm trying to act cute here but the attempt failed. 

Anyone wanna get rich can try this formation at home, " Fak Choi Zhan".

The second day went out with my cousie for food hunting and did some window shopping. During the night, ice cream cake appeared from no where and wala! We celebrated three little cousin's birthday, including my niece.
On the third day, when the lion dance was about to visit us, I finally got the chance to take a family potrait. Though my mom always talks when she's taking picture, which I don't know why?

Both of us look super chio in here. Yay! Pandan eyes for the win!

I have no idea how my cousie took this, the lion looked super small and cute.
 so here we go again, FOOD!

One of the beloved shots I took thourghout the days. Narcissism pawns!

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  1. Walao, you and your sis so chio ~ can I stalk her? nom nom nom ~

  2. Can, Go my Facebook stalk LOL


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