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It's nice to have conclusion in every written essay, especially almost at the end of the year, people would start to reminise and plan ahead for the new year. Let's see, to conclude myself in year 2011, that has to be this: I screwed my only 21 year-old. 

Studies ★★★☆☆
 Best things about college are assignments and exams, with a Final Year Project for a third-year student.
It's pretty normal when these happen:

Working Life ★★★★☆
Working for FSA thoughout the year. It's great to meet you guys, especially Eileen, thank you for having us in your team.  Enjoy to the max during the event and had a wonderful pre-celebration from you all. Thanks!

Financial Status ★☆☆☆☆
Money come and go, who doesn't love money anyways? I earned and spent, now I'm broke. Whenever I got myself a new stuff, this will happen to me after a few days.

Family & Friends ★★☆☆☆
I do have girlfriends but sometimes, we just couldn't 'click' into each other's channel. BFF are not as simple as it seems, I wish I have one so we could always hang out and do something stupid together. Babes, why do we lost our connection, again? 
Hello mommy and sista, I love you all. Please allow me to type in such way because I'm a good girl last year, right? Mew, I'm proud to have both of you. 

Health ★★★★☆
Applause for myself because only had a super uber high fever throughout the year. I would have rated myself 4 stars out of 5 and surprisingly, I took a month to fully recover from the fever. Hail to the virus that successfully invaded my body system.

Relationship ★★★☆☆
It was not a fantastic story to begin with, I used to have a lover, and then I took an arrow to blind myself. Skyrim taught me perfectly that believing my EX would be a better man is actually an unreachable dream. Well, at least my darling and I survived from his evil claws and successfully submitted our assignments. May God bless you for everything you did. 
So story continues with another guy appeared in my miserable life unintentionally? Or intentionally? Well, he don't really read my blog so never mind about it. Introducing my boyfie! 
Isn't he cute? I could hardly find any pictures of him so, this is the best shot of him. Thank you for bringing rainbow colors to my life and messed it up to become white color, how lovely you are. You have my full attention now kid, I heart you.     

Bah, new year resolutions kinda thingy should be in the next post (hopefully). Hope it's not to late to say this, Welcome to the Apocalypse 2012.

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