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Finally my wish granted, thank you very much to my cousie as he brought me and my sister to have crepe cakes. It's been a long history that Melacca has this famous cake shop named Nadeje Cake House. They serve crepe cakes with different flavours and of course, other food as well. Still, cakeys are my lovers. Each slice of the cake is RM9.90, somehow I felt that the cakes are overprice (compared to Secret Recipe). Well, I present you the cakeys we tried on that day.

Original Crepe
Personally, I prefer the Original one. It's a MUST try Mille crepe among of all crepe cakes.
Strawberry Crepe
Although the strawberry taste isn't strong, the overall taste was not bad.

Chocolate Crepe
May be because I don't really like chocolate cakeys, I don't find this is nice though. However, my sister said it was quite good. The color of the cake attracted me the most
Personally, I would recommended you all to try out the milkshakes, compared to non-alcoholic drinks.
I regretted having mine.

The 100 plus taste-alike

The Guava juice taste-alike

Best among all, the chocolate milk shake.

They also have stamp collection just like Chatime and Snowflakes, which makes them different from Secret Recipe.

Not to forget, it was time for our picture moments again.

They have another outlet in Pahlawan Parade. I have not been there because my cousin said the current one is the first in the town.

Nadeje Sdn Bhd
G-23 & 25, Jalan PM4,
Plazza Mehkota,
75000 Melaka.

Phone: 06-2838750

Business Hour: 12PM - 10 PM (Every Monday off)

P/S: If you are out of place to hang out in Melacca, try Nadeje too.

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  1. Yummy!!Would like to taste one someday...

  2. Oh my... looks sinful, yet very delicious =)

  3. Chloe > :D. You should. But it's a lil pricy though.

    Kayer > MUAHAHAH. You can;t have it fatty


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