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Remember years ago there was a movie named "Confession of a Shopaholic"? The movie was a remake from the novel written by Sophie Kinsella and she wrote series of if, including Mini Shopaholic

Mini Shopaholic is the story where Becky Brandon has a two-year-old Minnie daughter and she thought having her can make her dream come true: a shopping friend for life. However, Minnie always mess around everywhere she goes and her favourite word is "Mine!". Things get a little difficult when there is a sudden nationwide financial crisis. 
Becky insists to throw a surprise party for Luke to cheer everyone up, she is now refrain to have huge expenses because everyone has to cut back. Becky found her own way to secure her sales with uniqiue ideas however, unexpected chaos happen and had her to lose her job.Since costs are the issues and Becky has hard times for the preparation. Although she has the choice to accept help from an unexpected source, if she does, Becky will run the risk of hurting the  person she loves.

Will Becky be able to have a surprise party for her love one? Will Minnie learn to behave? Can Becky find a new house before she moves out from the parent's house? Since Becky made a wish, will her wishes ever come true in the end? 

It's not that I'm the kind of person with limited english proficiency, the truth is, I have limited vocabulary in my own dictionary and most of the times, I have lots of gramatical errors. Mini Shopahlic doesn't use boombastic vocab but to use daily speaking language in every conversation. The exciting part is, I could imagine myself to be Becky and having hard times controlling Minnie wherever she goes. The story would want you to continue reading till the end because every chapter of the story is so tempting. I had to refrain myself from reading it for a long time else I couldn't finish the tutorial questions given by the lecturers. Stories are much predicted as they could be related to real life. Nevertheless, it is fun~

Get one and enjoy reading follks~

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  1. I don't even remember when was the last time I read a book =.=

    1. xD. Then its time to read back the books. Reading books are somehow bringing more imaginary scenes than movies xD

  2. hmm I dun think this is good for me, because I love Fantasy Novel :P Starwars perhaps? XD


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