♣ April fool prank♣


I prank someone! Nah, not exactly. I was bored so I gave boyfie this as a gift.
I had this idea from this awesome blog - Come Together Kids.
Her blog has lots of food recipes insluding the April Fool canned fruit for her kids. 
Basically you need a can and some candies or chocolates.

Yeap, you are right, it is a Sardines canned food. Well, inside the can wasn't a sardine fish but mini chocolates and candies. Problem?
I used Sardines can because I couldn't find a bigger can in my house so~~~~~ You can try to get a bigger can and stuff in ALL the candies or chocolates.

First I cut the bottom lid of the can. I do not cut all the lid out instead, I left around 2 inches intact. (P/S: I'm lazy to cut it further)
 Empty the sardines. I cooked it as my lunch later on. :megusta:

So I drew a note for him and put it into the can.

Next I stuffed all the mini chocolates and candies in.
Well those are his favorite so I couldn't promise what your friends or your other half will think of my idea. You can always put in something that your partners love.Do take note over here, if your candies or chocolates are making sounds after your close the bottom lid, stuff some tissue papers to fill in the gap. This will help to minimize the unwanted noise.

Glue the bottom lid. I did not use any hot glue so I used this, a black paper to cover the ugliness of the lid. Well, normally people would not bother to look at the bottom. But I was wrong about my boyfie because the first thing he did was trying hard to open the bottom cover. #Fail Well, good luck.
Wait for them to open the lid and capture their precious facial expression.

Everyday can be everyone's April Fool if you're a 9 Gagger. Try This :D

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  1. lol epic fail. it's quite normal for people to look at the bottom of the can right ==

    1. hmp may be, but who knows whats inside. either you open it from the bottom or the top.


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