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I bet most of the readers here did watched a short clip name #MyGenerasi from JinnyBoy and the rest. If you did not, you could spend 7 minutes of yourtime to recall your childhood.

 When one is getting older, nostalgia happens frequently (Well, at least I do always recall my childhood).
Talk about childhood, I do remember I spent half of my pocket money on junk food.
I grew up with junk food and no doubt, I prefer junk food than normal meal. Here's my top 10 junk food and I'm pretty sure most of you all do know them.

#10 Chocolate Waffer
Before I have any Kit Kat and the money, I used to eat this everyday during my primary school. It used to cost only RM 0.30 for each back then, I'm not sure how much would it cost now.

#9 Ding Dang & Tora
Muahahah! I love both of these because I could get ALL the toys within the box! Not to just mention that the chocolate balls were tasty, I got so attached with the toys~ I used to beg my mom to have them everytime the "Rotiman" came.
#8 Flavoured Jellies
I love the red and the green one. Unfortunately I finished most of it so I left these. I collected them when I younger and used them for playhouses.

#7 Gem Biscuits
My mom used to "serve" this biscuits for prayers and I got the chance to eat them after the prayer. I guess most of the kids will do the same thing as I did, bite of the icing and threw the biscuits away. Nyan~ 

#6 Nyam Nyam
Dip and eat, finish ALL the chocolate by licking it~ That was what I did back then, licked the whole chocolate portion till there wasn't any trace of it.

 #5 Mamee Monster
Who eat the mamee without putting in the flavoured powder raise your hands? Well, I did. I finished all the mamee first and enjoyed the flavoured powder then.

#4 Lucky Cocoa Ball
I still remembered how a group of us finished all the chocolate balls and made out "melody" from the empty box. "Beep Beep Beep" "Beup"  

#3 Choky Choky
 SUCK all the chocolate! \o| 
I remembered the mascot for Choki Choki was a male koala bear, and out of a sudden it turned into a female one? Hmmmmm......

#2   Push Pop Candy
Poke your finger into the holes and push it up. Lip the stick with up and down motion. 

#1 Crackling candy 
This is my favourite candy among all! Having something that melts in your mouth with some "explosive" kind of feeling, I just couldn't describe it with any word. I could hardly find them on the street or "mamak" stall now. Anyone know where to find these now?

Nostalgia, isn't it? Before we have Nutella and Marshmallow, these were the best in my life. I shall search for it tomorrow, or someday?
How about you guys? I'm pretty sure you do have your preferred junk food list.

P/S: Most of the pictures I found it from Google. 

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