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After defeating the Kraken, Perseus lived in a fisherman village with his 10 years old son, Helius. One night, Zeus came to visit him and told him that power of gods were fading due to the lack of human devotion. He then told Perseus that human will have to face disaster if the Underworld has fallen apart. Zeus then went to met Hades in Underworld along with Poseidon and Ares. Hades accepted Kronos' offer that he will be granted for immortability if Kronos is revived. Zeus was trying to pursue Hades however, Ares betrayed and attacked Poseidon and Zeus. Zeus was captured however Poseidon managed to escaped to seek assistance.Poseidon met Perseus and told him the only way to stop Kronos is by killing it with the Spear of Trium (Zeus's lightning bolt, Poseidon's trident and Hades' staff). Poseidon also asked Perseus to seek help from his demigod son, Agenor. Perseus then started his journey along with his partners heading to Tartarus in Underworld. 
Yada Yada Yada, long story until Perseus met Zeus. So it's best to watch the movie to find out what's going on next.

Here are some pictures I found online and the only similarity of them was the RAWR~~~~

I like this the most. Imagine she's shouting "This is Sparta!!!!"

Point of view
  • At first I thought Chimera would look something like this. But in the movie it was a beast with the head of a bird and a king kong? I suppose? I could recognise it until le boyfie said it was a Chimera. Seriously?
  • There was a scene where Perseus met Minatour and both of them fought. I thought the scene would be exciting because it was something new in the movie. Ended up I couldn't grasp on what was going on and Minatour was dead. The camera shots moved too fast and obviously the ambient for that scene was dark. I know this is an add-on for the movie but it seems pretty ridiculous.
  • Somehow the Kronos reminded me of Magmus from the HoN. Well, thoughout the movie I basically think that Kronos is useless. Yes he revived but his attacks were just swinging his arms around and poof, dead. It was slightly disappointing when Kronos got killed by Perseus randomly threw the Spear of Trium. I thought Perseus would fly towards the heart and strike it with the spear.
Well I wouldn't say Wrath of the Titans is an amazing movie, neither I would say it is a bad movie. The movie is great with CG effects, you could definitely enjoy it to the max. For story wise, nah, I would rather recommend you to read the Greek Mythology. Well, that's it for today, enjoy~
P/S: I'm trying to be hardworking to update the blog regularly~

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