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This is a rant of the day. Feel free to read on it or click on the "X" button. 
FYI, I've upgraded Streamyx to Unifi. Certainly, I am ssatisfied with the speed but not for the services provided of course.

At first I booked the installation date on last Friday, 28th April 2012. So yeah, it was clashed with the Bersih 3.0. I thought the installation will be done even before the Bersih 3.0 started buy hey, I called the customer service centre for more than 5 times and they would just give me the same answer: The installation confirm can be done by today and the installers will come for sure. I waited for more than 4 hours and finally, I called again to reconfirm on the installation. Guess what, a very brilliant answer from them: I am so sorry, they cancelled the installation because there was a rally going on. 
Seriously? You could have just told me you couldn't make it for that effing installtion. I knew there was a rally going on but why did you confirmed me the installation CAN be done on that day itself? The installers were suppose to call me two days before the installation date but hey, not a single weird number appeared on my phone. The installers were also suppose to call me and confirm the installation on 28th April but no, not an effing call was received. 
FINE, I assumed TM services has gone worse, real worse.

So I thought that's the end for me to not face something similar again. Well, I guess I'm the center attraction for bad luck, it happened to me again. Friday was the installation for the Unifi and yes, I got it now and I'm using it. I requested a morning session for the installation and they double confirmed me with the matters as well. I woke up with a cranky mood (did not sleep well last night) and waited for the installers to call me. AGAIN, they were late so I called the customer services and just so you know, he told me the time booked for the installation was 12PM. 

Are you F*cking kidding me? Double confirmed me it's on 9.30AM and you told me the installation will take place at 12PM? No calls no emails no SMSes from the respective person regarding the changes made and you are telling me the data SHOWED in your PC was 12PM? I knew I raged at the innocent people but I was so pissed about it. I demanded the installers to be at my place within 30 minutes and yeap, they did. 

Everything went smoothly until one of the dearest installers told my mom external wiring need to charged at RM50/5 meters. Da fuq? I was not told by the promoter that external wiring need any charges, neither did my neighbours heard of it before. I called the promoter to double confirm with the external wiring issue and he 100% assured that external wiring do not need any charges at all, only internal wiring (wiring process in the house) will be charged after exceeding 15 meters. Well, the installer must have overheard the conversation and he immediately changed his saying: external wiring do not require any charges and we can strat to install the Unifi now.

What kind of sorcery was that? One second said yes, and the next second said no? And you still dare to tell my mom to treat you Yum Cha? Hello, it was pretty obvious that you can't cheat our money with the external wiring and you presume us to be kind enough to treat you Yum Cha? Business ethics eh? 
Although I am grateful on my installation but to be honest, I am not satisfy with the services given by the Unifi installers and th calling centre. I thought the customer service officers would be responsible with every request from the consumers but yeah, I got upset with how Unifi settled my problem.Well, I got my Unifi now so let's hope there is nothing wrong with it. 

P/S: I do feel Malaysians are still lack of knowledge on how important the consumers right to them.

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