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Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) breaks into Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale)'s house and steals a pearl necklace. However, Selina has other motive on stealing the necklace - getting the finger print of Bruce Wayne to her employer, Daggett. Daggett uses Wayne's finger print to make a big fuss on the stock market, with the help of Bane. Wayne is then announced to be bangkrupt and Wayne Enterprise is soon falling into Daggett's hand. Wayne doesn't want the nuclear reactor to be at the wrong person's hand so he personally meets Miranda Tate (Marion Cottilard). Wayne wishes Miranda would take over Wayne Enterprise and take good care of the nuclear reactor. Later on, Wayne asks help from Selina to take him to Bane. Selina agrees and lead Wayne to a sewer. Well, as you all know, Bane is super duper powerful in the comic and cartoon version, so do the BAne in the movie. Batman is defeated by Bane and thrown into Lazarus Pit. Well I skip some stories in between, the point is how Batman is going to return to Gotham City? Does Bane really undefeatable? It the end of Nolan's Batman trilogy, so will Wayne dies?   

Point of view 

I bet one of the reason to watch Batman is to see how hot Anne Hathaway is - the Catwoman 

Emma Stone in the Amaizing Spiderman has alredy my goddess but Anne Hathaway in Batman is so much hotter. Though two of them has different characterisstics but come on, who doesn't like the pretties? 

This is the Bane we saw in the cinema. 

This is the original comic version of Bane.

See the difference? Oh yes, the mask is different. Other than the mask, the Bane in the movie version misses the pipe! I am not an extreme Batman fan but I just quite upset with the character of Bane. The story of Bane was a little twisted and despite of not having a pipe that pump "Venum" drug directly into his brain, Bane is shown a little weaker compared to the one in the comic. 

Maybe Christopher Nolan is lazy, or maybe he is focusing more into the special effects, I was expecting Batman to use his gadgets instead of using his new car - The Bat. There wasn't much gadgets to be used as I could remember. To be frank, Batman has been known for using excellent gadgets and should be just like how Doraemon uses his fourth-dimentional pocket. I am disappointed with what Christopher Nolan has given to us, or to me. 

Some incredible plots you might find it to be ridiculous where Bruce Wayne was cured in a prison with the help of a rope and sit ups. I found it to be ridiculous because I thought Bane would have broke Bruce Wayne's spine or backbone, casuing him to be a handicapped. What amazed me was that, Bruce Wayne knew the way to back to Gotham City after he climbed up from Lazarus Pit. I thought Bane blindfolded Bruce and he was supposed to be unconscious. So Bruce has some GPS in his brain or something? Seriously? I thought Batman is nothing with his gadgets. 

There were more plotholes and I don't think I should be giving out more spoilers. I do hope there will be a continue series on how Inspector Blake become Robin and assist the Batman. Nevertheless, I do hope there are appearances for Batgirl and rest of the villains. Well, enjoy the movie people, it was worth to watch a 3 hours long movie. Till then, ciaoz.

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