The Old School Fatboy Slim


I couldn't remember when it was the last time I listened to his songs, but from what I experienced yesterday, he brought back the old memories. Not sure how many of you guys heard of him, or some do not even know him, but here are some of the famous song produced by Fatboy Slim, I bet most of you would have heard the songs from somewhere.

I was kinda surprised when Phil L. Lee was performing, I wasn't know he was that good. The only thing I knew about him was that he won the Heineken's Found @ Thirst at 2011. The crowd went absolutely crazy for Fatboy Slim around 12am, screaming for Fatboy Slim's appearance rather than DJ LapSap. Well, I feel quite pity for DJ LapSap for his show up. Around 1am, Fatboy Slim came in with his intro song that made everyone go GAGA and LALA. The crowd were so exciting and I could see some of the people dance like this:

HELLO, how is that a dance move? But seriously, the partygoers were a bit older than I expected and their dance moves were either shaking head or shaking butt, as the picture showed. Oh well, I guess old schoool still the best. One of the amazing song remixed by Fatboy Slim was something about "parachute" and I couldn't remember the song name. It was just plain awesome and I wouldn't regret for working in the event for such a long time.

 Here are some photos I took and taken from the Google, courtesy to who ever posted it. 

The VIP area

A group photo taken from Eileen, thank you. It's weird to see those who were standing under the light being faceless.

Finally, nerdy auntie look for the night! Ciao~

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