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Disclaimer: This post do not have the intention to side on female and male readers. The opinions and thoughts expressed are my own. Feel free to comment and list out your opinions. 

I stumbled upon this video and to my surprise, it became viral and quite a number of female bloggers blogged about it. The qualities mentioned are somehow the common one:

I do agree a guy should have these qualities but maybe, he is not having 100% of each quality. Why do I say so? Because all human are not perfect. He might have these good qualities but he might have some other things that let you down. I know human always go for the better or perfect one, but shouldn't one appreciate of what he or her has? 
  1. I want my man to be handy when I need help.
  2. I want my man to be hardworking when he should be (apparently le bf is not).
  3. I want my man to be brave when I'm having trouble (le bf killed cockroach although he is scared).
  4. I want my man to be chivalrous because I'm a emotional baby (thank you le bf always accomodate my temper)
  5. I want my man to be selfishness when comes to money (apparently I'm more selfish than he is wtf)

How about I do something different today? I'm going to list out the TOP 5 qualities women should have. Well, it is just based on my "research" with my guy friends. 

Men prefer Women to understand the motives behind a scene. Put it simple, men do not talk about their stress or problems because they want to solve it on their own without letting you worried. Whereas, women like to talk about the issues and solve the problems. Just be the woman behind a man, unless he is willing to talk about the problem. 

Men prefer women not to lie about anything, even though it is a white lie. You know, women tend to have a lot of white lies and they are not suppose to hurt anyone. But please, would you want a man to have white lies on you too? Honesty leads to trust, a man is really happy when deep down in his heart, he can trust his woman. Please, pretending, lying and flirting would turn your man off. 

A woman should have a life on her own. Men do not like women to be too clingy, needy, nagging and desperate! Please girl, do not expect your guy to be your entire existence, and I know pretty much of the girls would like to have 80% of their life full with the boyfriends. Independent woman that earns her own money and self-assured become extremely attractive to the men. 

Man would not want a dumb woman, unless he is going to cheat her money or whatever it is. If a woman cannot hold a decent conversation at all time, sorry lady, the gentleman lost interest on you. Bimbo and airhead type, you are out. A man would want her woman to be on his level, challenging enough to vibe with him mentally. Trust me, a guy will eventually gets tired of explaining every little thing to you. You can baby talk sometimes but not so often please. Men love matured and well-spoken women.

Who doesn't like a charming lady? Everyone does, including myself. Man wants a kind girl with good temper. You can have bad tempers sometimes, but not always. You can expect a guy to tolerate your bad temper while you can't tolerate his bad temper. Friendly woman is sweet, a man can bring home confidently and show her to the family members. 

There are other qualities as well, but these are the main five qualities of women should have. Forget about the physical qualities, those qualities are too abstract for me to talk about. So girls, do you have these? 

A shout out for le bf: 
Le bf, do I have at least 3 out of 5 qualities?

Do not feel hesitate to drop down any comment. Correct me if I'm wrong or you want to add points up there. Cheers.

Just a small note for the readers:
When a couple decided to hold their hands and share each other's life, understanding and tolerating is very important in order to hold a relationship. Although the girl do not like your ego, she is willing to play along with you; although a guy do not like your temple, he will be always the one comforting and accept who you are. Most importantly. love doesn't restrict on the appearance or age. 

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