Stop 114A @ Internet Blackout Day


So what is stop 114A? There are posts being shared on Facebook, hashtag #stop114a on Twitter, pop-ups from blogs, but hey? What are all these things?

You might find them annoying but let me tell you: IF you are consider this to be annoying, I bet you will rage about Section 114A if you know what it meant.
Section 114A is an amendment act for to Malaysia's Evidence Act 1950. The description of it is rather long but you can get a clearer vision on Section 114A with the image below.

So the final idea of Section 114A is:

Where is the freedom of speech?
Where is the justice?
Where is the people's rights?
Why should I deserve this?

I am not keen towards piliticians views or whatever. But what if I joke about racism with my friends, and I need to bear for all the punishments? Just because of presumptions and I need to bear for punishments that are not meant for me. As Joel mentioned in his post, the word PRESUMED is very stupid. Indeed, if we cannot prove to be innocent and we will be PRESUMED to be guilty forever.

Efforts need to be done and I decided to take part in the event for the Internet Blackout Day. I believe little efforts do the wonders.
I changed my profile picture on Facebook and Twitter to this:

I even changed my Facebook cover photo and blog header to this:

I'm sort of proud to myself leh. At least I Photoshop-ed the images myself. Anyway, let us show the authorities on the power of our people. You greatest efforts mean a lot to them!

How to join the event

Check out my FB page if you want too :X

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