Ted 2012


Movie rating: ★☆

When John Bennett (Mark Waklberg) was a child, he made a Christmas wish that his favourite teddy bear would come to life and be his friend in real life. Well, children make the best wish and his wish comes true. From then, John has been together with Ted and Ted has never ever leave John once. In John's mid-30s, he is a slacker who spends his days smoking weed, watching Flash Gordon reruns and trash-talking with his foull-mouthed bear, Ted (voiced by Seth Macfarlane). Still, John's pretty and patient girlfriend, Lori (Mila Kunis), has finally reached her limit and wants him to make a choice: Her or the teddy bear. 
Eventually, John wants to make a difference in his life so he asks Ted to move out. Ted agreed and has a job in a grocery store. Ted even managed to get a new girlfriend. Normal stories yada yada and dejavu happens.  John blames Ted for inviting him to a house party and Lori gets angry with John. So Ted gets alone for some time and this gives an opportunity for kidnappers to kidnap Ted! Oh yes, Ted is being kidnapped by a pair of father and son. The father and son are quite scary especially the son. So, how will Ted going to escape from them? Or, will Ted being tortured and ended up no legs and hands? 

Before you head to the spoilers, check out the trailer first.

Instead of story telling, I think these short clips are able to entertain you. 
Here is the Thunder song! I just can't get enough of it. That is so cute! 

I think the ending is quite funny. Somehow Ted was "dead" and he was alive the next morning.
  • There was a scene where Ted having sex with his girlfriend at a grocery store. I wonder how he do that, hmmmm....  But you know, they were at the grocery store, so I think there were tool available for them. Or, just use my imagination. 
  • The ending was stupid! Actually it was funny and you will eventually find it to be stupid. I can't stop myself laughing over it. The ending is about the life of everyone after Ted's being alive. Take note on the fatty kid!

Well, I guess it's pretty sad that Malaysia cinema would not be able to have Ted. I mean, our censorship system is quite "strict" and Ted do have some adult elements in it. To be honest, the censored Ted would not have bring so much laughter. Ted is actually a foul-mouthed movie and it is funny with all the foul language. Do not put too much hope on the storyline or any CG effects, Ted is after all, a comedy. I watched the movie without looking forward or comparing other comedy such as The Watch. I find it is amusing for this kind of movie. I mean its a teddy bear that talks, and does a lot of things like a normal human does. But if things like that happens in real life, I will think the teddy bear is some sort of voodoo stuff. Anyway, it is a cute adult movie. 

P/S: Good luck on finding the movie. 

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