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After years of chemical warfare, the Earth has now divided into two nations: The United Federation of Britain (UFB) and The Colony. UFB is a ruling nation under the control of Cohaagen (Bryan Cranston) while The Colony is a place for lower class community. Quaid (Colin Farrell) has a daily factory job in the UFB and lives in a tiny apartment in The Colony with his wife (Kate Beckinsale). The only transportation between UFB and The Colony is through a massive elevator called "The Fall".
Quaid longs for a livelier existence and decided to make a difference at the Rekall Company. However, the memory programmers found out a dangerous secret in Quaid's brain. Not knowing anything Quaid has become wanted by the UFB. Knowing his wife has betrays Quaid, he has no one to turn to but to trust the mysterious ally, Melina (Jessica Biel). Both of them strive for living and to discover Quaid's true identity and intention.

Point of view
This is a remake of Arnold's Total Recall. Why do I feel the directors nowadays prefer a remake rather than drafting out a brand new movie? Let's put aside of the Arnold's version of Total Recall, Colin's Total Recall has different perspective of telling the story.

Somehow, I think Colin Farrell is quite stunning in the movie. He has more expressions than Arnold and perhaps, I should say Colin does portrayed the "fear" in the movie. Whereas, Arnold is always the tough guy without much expression. Colin did showed how a human should react at certain circumstances. 

Jessica Biel acted as Hauser's girlfriend, Melina. Sorry to say this but Melina is kind off a burden to Hauser. Not to say I dislike her, the director actually makes Hauser to be the hero all the time. Another concern is, I'm not quite sure Melina introduced herself properly to Hauser/Douglas. I don't remember any scene of Douglas/Hauser calling Melina! Maybe I'm having STM(Short-term memory) disease but do let me know if you catch Melina introduced herself to Douglas. 

Kate Beckinsale is super hawt is this movie. I got used to her short hair in the Underworld series but hey, she suits long hair more. I can't help to praise her in my heart: You are damn sexy with your long hair! Although she is the bad lady in this movie, she is outstanding than Jessica Biel. I am sorry if I had to say this but Kate did a splendid job as a side kick.

Ever thought of having a girlfriend with three breasts? Even if I'm a guy, I would find it is a little sickening. But maybe some guys would like three breasts, two hands and a mouth, if you know what I meant.

I did not watch the original version of Total Recall, so I would only give opinions based on the current Total Recall. Story plot is predictable and it is a little too much of the sound effects. Some unecessary sound effects were added and causing the scenes were so messy. The cat fights between Jessica Biel and Kate Beckinsale has too much unnecessary punching sound effects and causing the fights looked fake. 
I can say they lack of creativity for the technologies. Although the director has made the movie look more sleek and futuristic, the technologies seen in the movies are somewhat we all could imagine; the Straddling bus and future phone that integrates within your palm. Hello, this is a Sci-Fi movie, why don't you go all out and have something new?

I would prefer Colin's Total Remake rather than Arnold's one. Don't get me wrong, I probably wouldn't want myself to watch such mindfucked thing and get myself a nightmare. COME ON, these things are scary!

In case you are interested with the difference between Arnold's Total Recall and Colin's Totall Recall, refer to this link. 

Have fun with the three breasts! Opps, I mean the movie.

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