Chernobyl Diaries (2012)


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A group of youngsters decided to go on a vacation. Paul suggested to kick their European vacation up a few notches with an "extreme" tour of Prypiat, a ghost town that once housed employees of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor, until disaster struck in 1986. Led by the Uri, the tour guide, the youngsters accompanied by two tag-along backpackers - Zoe and Michael. Uri takes them into the town with a ramshackle van. Upon arrival, the sigh of a desolate Prypiat is certainly an eerie one. A rusted Ferris Wheel looms over decayed buildings. Mutated fish life swim in a contaminated lake. Mutated wolves and bear are seen at some places. And just beyond - the Chernobyl reactor itself, where no one can venture or they run the risk of radioactive poisoning, without protection. Later, after getting unexpectedly stranded in Priyiat, the gang realize they are being hunted. Now the harder they try to flee, the faster their numbers dwindle until only a few are standing. So, how will the few survive? Or should you be asked, who or what are hunting the gang?

Before I spoil your interest, let's watch the trailer. 

Let me introduce you the clever group of members whereby all of them died in the end. Oh yes, everyone is dead. From left to right we have, Zoe (Ingrid Bolso Berdal), Micheal (Nathan Philips), Paul (Jonathan Sadowski), Uri (Dimitri Diatchenko), Amanda (Devin Kelly), Natalie (Olivia Dudley) and Chris (Jesse McCartney). 

Oh Gosh! Jesse McCartney is casting in this movie! I have no idea he becomes so manly. As some of you might know him, he was the "Justin Bieber" few years back and definitely, he is better than JB himself. Tsk, feel sad for Jesse because I have no idea why girls don't like him. Anyway, Jesse has quite a good acting in the movie because he do show the painfulness of the wound he "had" in the movie. 

I think the movie is quite a cheap budget movie leh. The entire movie has around 40 to 50 % of the scenes are filmed in the dark. There were about 10 minutes of the dark scenes showed while the rest are another person holding a camera and run along with the actors. HELLO? even if  you are intend to make it looks like a diary, at least have a "real" cast to hold the camera in the movie la. Why bother to use first-person view if you are not including the cameraman? Fail!

What if, you see a little girl standing still in front of you, back facing you in a distance, would you still want to walk in front and talk to her? HELL NO RIGHT? I have no idea why the f Jonathan must go in front to talk to her. Don't he know that little girl is dangerous? He could be killed just by talking to her?

What makes this worse are the mutants! Do you actually believe I cannot describe the mutant's face because I do not have enough of time to look properly on their face? The most questionable part are the mutants' survivability. How could a mutant stayed alive if there is no human flesh for him? Eat his own kind? And there are kid and baby in the movie wtf?! So the mutant are not only meat eater but also know how to reproduce their own kind? How to feed the baby mutant then? I just can't seem to understand the existence of the mutants. 

A very bad scriptwriting and storyline. Indeed, I must say this is the stupidest movie I had ever watched. I don't always go for horror movie, but when I do, I expect it to be very scary. I personally do not think the movie is scary, although I watched it with my ears closed and eyes like this -_-. The sound effects were fucking good, because it was too loud and I think I got scared because of the sound. It is a predictable movie which I think the director wants to give the audience a lesson: Americans are so brave and lovely that they will risk their lives to save a captured half-lived brother from a group of mutants. So this is the moral of the story, have "fun" watching it.

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