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Jeng Jeng Jeng! End of September is coming and I received surprises from Fabulous Finds! If you are wondering what I received last month, click HERE

September's theme is Glamorous Beauty. Well I think it is suitable for the products within the box.  
*Beep, You may now proceed to read my post. Beep*

Elizabeth Arden: Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules & Gold Ultra Lift and Strengthening Eye Capsules
RM 116.20
Pure, potent, intensive capsules deliver the restorative power of CLX Complex to help strengthen skin's barrier against the visible signs of time. 

Essence: Duo Eyeshadow (Pink and Grey)
RM 8.90
Smooth and pigmented duo eyeshadow with brilliant colors to create gorgeous day or night look.

I have to admit I am super stupid because I took almost an hour just to figure out how to open the case. Why brain, why don't you stop being stupid? The pink and grey combination is definitely great for day and night makeup (light makeup). A little add on is, the shimmery effects are good. 

Essense: Stay with Me Long-Lasting Lipgloss (Cherry Red)
RM 10.90
Long-lasting lipgloss with intense colour and creamy finish. Comes with special applicator for easy application. 

PLEASE IGNORE MY BULU. Anyway, this is the color on my hand. It is a bright cherry red color with cherry-alike smell. I do not really like lipgloss but if you read my David Guetta's post, I was using it. I love how it shines but not greasy, the only thing I couldn't accept about this lipgloss is the smell. I can't stand the sweetness. 

Clairol Pofessionals: Color Radiance Shampoo and Mask

Here are some descriptions on other series. You can read if you are hardworking.

Narciso Rodriguez: for her EDT
I thought of giving this away to someone who wants to buy a perfume before the voucher reach its due date LOL. Looking for someone who is willing to adopt this perfume and voucher~

Hui Ling is so sweet OMG. She even had her mum to follow up with my parcel status even though she is sick. I know I sounded so commercialize but come on, not much people is willing to fulfil after-sales service ok? Fabulous Finds is definitely won my heart now and yes, I will subscribe to your service continuously. 

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  1. great blogspot.. thx for sharing~

  2. wah everyone getting this..caroline once receive the package also will snap snap snap every month =___=

    1. GOOD MA. surprise one you know? faster go subscribe for her. give her a surpriseeeeeeeeee

  3. Wah I really like the Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules & Gold Ultra Lift and Strengthening Eye Capsules!! Very worth le!

  4. so u gonna conteng ur face colorful? hahaah staph pls :X

  5. i dont like that pink..;P
    Anyway, the beauty products look good...;D

    1. XD. I know right? Especially the eyes care one. so cool!

  6. It's a great surprise for sure :)

  7. Loving the shimmery eyeshadow! hehe :D


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