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28th September 2013 is quite an important for the Malaysians.
Why do I say so? It's because it is the day to determine how well our leader or the Government can perform well in budget allocation for the whole nation.
Well, if the budget successfully fulfil the people's needs, I must say the Government has did a very great job at earning people's heart. In Mandarin we said it as 收买人心.

The theme for this year budget allocation is Prospering The Nation, Enhancing Well-Being of the Rakyat: A Promise Fulfilled. As the theme mentioned, Budget 2013 is supposed to improve the quality of people's life and prioritise the well-being of the people.
If you missed the LIVE session, you can always refer to the website HERE.
You prefer to have a glance on the budget allocation, check this out.

So below is my thoughts and opinions, you are welcome to comment on anything relate to the budget.
I would only list down the budget that interest me, or I feel that it is silly to be true.

1.   " Through the Youth Communication Package, a one-off rebate of RM 200 will be provided or the purchase of one unit of 3G smartphone from authorised dealers. The initiative is for youths aged from 21 to 30 years with a monthly income of RM 3,000 and below."
Interesting. But again, Who is the authorised dealers? Phone service providers or phone providers? I doubt phone providers will be that generous. How about XiaoMi2 phone? Will I be able to get RM 200 rebate if I were to buy a Made-In-China phone?

2.   "To enable more Malaysian own their first residential property, My First Home Scheme, which was launched under the previous Budget, will be improved by increasing the income limit for individual loans from RM 3,000 to RM 5,000 per month, or joint loans of husbands and wife of up to RM 10,000 per month. In addition, the requirement for a savings record equivalent to three months installment and minimum employment of six months will be abolished."

I need a safer house although I have been living in the same area for more than 20 years. Can you imagine a foreigner show up and ask for a blow job? Well, I faced once. You can read it here. Definitely, My First Home Scheme sounds great because I can't wait to get my FIRST house with my hard-earn money. 

3.   "The distribution of Bantuan Rakyat 1 Malaysia (BR1M 2.0). The criteria remains the same, where the head of the household earning less than RM 3,000 is eligible for the assistance. This assistance will be extended to single unmarried individuals aged 21 and above, with earning not more than RM 2,000 a month. The assistance amounts up to RM 250."

It says earning not more than RM 2000 a month, so am I qualified for that because after all the deduction from  EPF and SOCSO, my net salary is actually less than RM 2000? I could apply for it right? 

4.   "The Government proposes that individual income tax rate be reduced by 1 percentage point for each grouped annual income tax exceeding RM2,500 to RM 50,000.

Fk yeah! I can collect ALL the book receipts and claimed for income tax. Oh wait, my current salary don't even exceed RM 2,000 after reduction of EPF and SOCSO. I'm free at the moment? 

5.   "The Government will continue the 1Malaysia Book Voucher programme for all students in institutions of higher learning (IPT) and at pre-university level. The value of the voucher will be increased from RM 200 to RM 250."

WHY AM I GRADUATED SO EARLY? Dear readers, if you are still students and would have nothing to buy with the book voucher, PLEASE hang out with me at MPH book store (so I can buy all my fictions). Thank you! However, I still think it's a bit wasted because what if, a student cannot complete his diploma or degree and will he forever be claiming the book voucher?

6.   "Repayment of full loan within a year upon this announcement effective from 1 October 2012 until 30 September 2013, a discount of 20% will be given on their loan. Meanwhile, those with consistent repayment of PTPTN loan in accordance to their repayment schedule, a 10% discount per annum on their repayment will be given effective from 1 October 2012."

Oh well, at least better than nothing. I am totally regretted for applied PTPTN loan while I know my family actually have to money to support for my Degree holder. AND YOU KNOW WHAT? A fresh graduate like me being paid lower than a SPM cert holder. Pttf.

Somehow, I am concern about things happen in our daily lives: 
Government tax and service charges to remain? 
I'm particular on the service charges. You see, most of the restaurants have service charges up from 5% to 10%. I do not mind paying so much to  the restaurant if they serve me right. I pay them and they should serve me, fair enough. But what if I pay huge amount of service charges and they don't serve me well, so what's the point of me paying so much? Some even charges 20% but still giving shit services. I do hope they revise this. 

Price for desserts or drinks to increase?
As you may know, the subsidy on sugar to be reduced by RM 0.20/kg. I have yet to see any price increasing on desserts and drinks yet. But as far as I know, the price of sugar might rise. Does that mean I can't get to drink my Gong Cha or eat any cakeys anymore?

Petrol price to decrease or increase?
Though I do not drive at the moment but I do feel how painful it is for one to pay petrol fee per month. I just don't get it, Malaysia supplies and sells oil & gas to other countries, but why do the petrol price at other countries are cheaper compared to Malaysia? Or should I assume Malaysia has resources but do not have any technology to process oil & gas become petrol?

So yeap, the Malaysia Budget 2013 can be described as the Election Budget.
Think twice my friends. 
Till then, cheers~

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