David Guetta Go Ga-Ga @ Sepang


Disclaimer: The photos below were retrieved from Future Sound Asia Facebook. Credits to Nuffnang as I won the tickets from them. Thank you so much!

I have been waited so long and yeap, David Guetta was here in Malaysia! Although it was on a Friday night but it won't stop my excitement at all! Le friends and I rushed to Sepang as fast as we could unfortunate, we did not make it for David Guetta's appearance. We even missed the AYAM TITANIUM song. Well, forget about David Guetta but WHY I MISSED ALESSO too?!
How could I missed him? I can't believe it. My initial goal for this rave party was to fall in love in Alesso again. Now that I missed him, I blamed the traffic jam.

Look at the crowd

I think I see Alesso was doing a Duck face? 

One common thing about rave is, 

Oh yes, this is David Guetta's style. As usual, he played the latest songs featuring with various singers (which I don't really love). However, he he was awesome enough to heat up the party. Oh yeah, I mean everyone was jumping and shouting and spreading the armpit smell. So when you raise your hand, you do it like this;

Or with a finger pointing nowhere like this;

or both fingers pointing to random directions like this. 

When you see confetti is coming out from nowhere you should know the spinning should come to an  end. 

Fweeeeeeeeeee. Fireworks? 

Nah not so soon. I knew David Guetta loves his fans so yeap, he did one last song before he ciao.
"Tonight is Gonna be a Good Night - David Guetta feat. Black Eyed Peas"
The party ended with the spinning from DJ Goldfish and Blink, our local DJs. 

Oh yeah, I did not wear what I suggested in my previous post here. I wore something else but it was still sweaty enough even though I wore lesser clothes. 

Verdict: It's very important to choose which friend you are partying with. I learned my lesson on this night and I made a promise to myself, I will choose to party with the friends I trust. I owe an apology to my bestie because I rushed her and at the end, she couldn't enjoy the concert much. Sorry honey, I owe you a big one. For Thirst 2012, please let me get the ticket (or win it from somewhere) so I could party with the one I trust.

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