Dredd (2012)


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Judge Dredd (Urban), Mega-City One's top law enforcer, is reluctantly paired with psychic rookie Anderson (Thilby) as her assessor for the day - a day that quickly sees them trapped in Peach Trees,  a 200-storey megablock, by psycho Ma-Ma (Headey), who, with her hordes of minions, idealing in a new drug called Slo-mo. Their only way out is: Up. (Source: Empire)

So it's a new adaption from Judge Dredd, 1995, and this time I love the outfit. Why? Just look at the costumes wore by Stallone and Urban. STALLONE IS TOO GAY! Why must there a belt to emphasize on the ding dong? 
Anyway, I did not watch the original Dredd movie. The funny thing is, I still do not know who is acting as Dredd until I Googled. Apparently is Karl Urban as Judge Dredd and I couldn't recognize him at all. I love his gun, the super hi-tech gun with the ability to "Staple" your wound. 

Olivia Thirlby as Anderson, the rookie who has psychic power to read people's minds. She sort of read everyone's mind, except for Judge Dredd. The only issue about her was, she's too skinny! 

Lena Heady as Ma-Ma, the one who controls Peach Trees. I personally have no idea how all the guys are willing to be her minions. She's a lady, without any psychic or super natural power. Except for the scars on her face, I don't see why the guys are afraid of her. Plus, her scars did remind me of Joker, WHY SO SERIOUS?

I can't seem to understand why can't a bunch of criminals with super weapons can't seem to kill a cop. He's too powerful to be true! Even when he got shot at the tummy but he can't seem to lose much blood. He even "stapled" himself with his super high-tech gun. So I think in the future, we might have a staple gun to stitch wounds. I got so annoyed with the slow motion effects whenever one is taken in "Slo-mo" drugs. The slow motions were too much and I wished damn hard to have a fast forward controller. At one point, I do feel Dredd is the black version of Robocup, blame it on the costume. Add on, the movie does look like a video game; where one must kill all the minions and go up to the tower in order to have a battle with the final boss. #wtf 

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