Little Halloween


Halloween is here and I'm still working!
The fact is, I didn't have any chance to go for a real Halloween party.

Just so you know, I am "depressing" because of my working life and the non-arrival of iPhone 5; I have decided to ugly-fied my face in conjunction with this Halloween.

This make-up was inspired by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. I sort of fell in love with her makeup style and I even tried her love-shaped lips in David Guetta's contest post.

I shall skip ALL the steps and show you the end result. Yes, I am lazy and I do not have a better camera to do a step-by-step tutorial on this make-up.
However, if you are wondering how to draw this on your face, you can view the tutorial below.

Now, let me show you my masterpiece: Little devil!

A closer look on my face

The teeth. I suggest to outline the mouth with fine white eyeliner. I couldn't outline the mouth with white eyeliner so I used black and it turned out to be ugly.

Ok la, showing you a very ugly one. Mouth with my real teeth. 

Or this, a very innocent cute devil. I am this buey-pai-seh one. CUTE OR NO?

Happy working on this Halloween Day people, you can always scare off your friends or colleagues with your powerful panda eyes. 

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