Tao-Cuisine Restaurant @ Sunway Giza


Faster, those who read my post, wish me Happy Birthday (Buey pai seh).
Meh~ Who doesn't love birthdays?
I love mine, I will always have surprises, even if it's a small one.

I am quite surprise of my buddies because how on Earth they knew I love Japanese food wtf.
The most hilarious thing was, I knew they were taking me out to some place for dinner but I only got informed to dine in Tao on my way there. 
Thank you so much buddies! Oh yes, you all: Jacky, Wai Kit, Weng  Kit, Can and Serene. 

Sexy backs from Jackie and Can. 

It's wasabi and it looked pretty. Although from the picture it looked like some bird shit but in reality, it was well decorated. 

LOOK AT THE SASHIMI! I shall now change my favourite buffet restaurant from Shogun to Tao. Here's the thing, the sashimi in Shogun is super thin, while the sashimi in Tao is 3 times thicker. The best thing about sashimi in Tao is, all of them are fresh. The freshness of the sashimi can be told instantly by the tenderness of the meat. 

Oyster! I have never fancy them ever since I tried my first oyster. It may be tasty for some people but I just find it to be tasty.  

Teriyaki squids and beefs. 

Random Salmon with scallops. 

3 layer egg. 

The desserts. Small tarts, cakes and mochis. I love the mochi the most! The red bean paste is awesome!


Mochi dipped with chocolate. 

For more information, check out
Official Website: http://tao-cuisine.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Tao-Authentic-Asian-Cuisine/172458256127514

Dear friends,
thank you for all the birthday wishes. 
We may have misunderstandings and hard feelings throughout the year, but I knew you all won't so small gas one. TEEHEE. Anyway, thank you for pampered me much in the buffet, I really enjoyed the time with you guys (actually is the food). See you on the David Guetta's event, wish all of you get what you want (if you know what I mean)
I love you guys!
P/S: If Eileen is reading, HAPPY BUTTDAY! 

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