TeAmo Launching @ Kepong


Disclaimer: Some of the pictures were taken from TeAmo Facebook.

Chiang Chiang! Somehow I got the chance to attend the new branch opening of TeAmo at Kepong. Credits to Charmaine and I got the chance to hang out with the girls again!

What is TeAmo?
TeAmo is a new concept store on serving the freshest drinks for the mass. TeAmo serves the freshest fruit drinks with the best ingredients such as fruits, vegetables and tea.

Here's the good news: Buy One Free One promotion.

The theme color for TeAmo is orange and white, thus one can easily recognise the shop from far. 

I love this corner. Well, the bloggers "buey-pai-seh" and claimed the seats.  

We got the chance to taste every drinks stated on the  board. The sad thing was, I lost some of my pictures and couldn't retrieve them. #fml

Signature Roasted Milk Tea with pearls

Orange Green Tea with Pearl

Grape fruit Aroma Tea with Basil Seed

Slim Fresh Tea
Passion fruit + Grapefruit + Orange + Kiwi + Pineapple

Beauty Beauty
Apple + Pineapple + Yogurt + Milk + Orange

Aroma Green Tea

TeAmo also came out with their signature waffle - the Wafu
The speciality of the Wafu is they are made by milk. Some of my friends do love the Wafu peanut butter while I love the Wafu Choco. 

Tada! The member card for TeAmo!
For every RM 5 spent on a single receipt, a stamp wll be given. Accumulate 10 stamps and you will get one FREE drink!

Awesome friends are awesome.
From left to right: April, Charmaine, Kah Mun's friend, Kah Mun, Iris, Sher Lynn, le boyfie and me

I have always wonder why le boyfie doesn't want to do silly expressions. Can you please be a photobomb?

Now stay tune for le Sunshine Girl Contest I took part. YES! I buey pai seh and took part in le Sunshine Girl Contest.

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  1. Wuuuuu it looks something like Chansii Tea! Can't wait for the next post :DDD

    1. weeeeeeeee.... Chansii not bad though. The strawberry popcorn <3

  2. Shit, me in the photo looks terrible. Should have crop me out!! WTF

  3. Congrats for winning the beauty pageant thingy LOL.

  4. haha! pearls in ur mouth! so cute!! :D

  5. You won the iPhone 5 right? I saw on FB :D

  6. Scam your i5 ^_^V

  7. Congratulation hahaha :P macam sampat XD *kidding*


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