I'm Young Again!


I'm narcissism, so this post is purely dedicated to those who likes to see my face LOL.
Just joking, this post is about my transformation, from a mature old lady to 18-year-old xiao mei mei. (buey-pai-seh mode)

As you all know I have long hair and I sort of bored with my hairstyles. 
I usually wear specs unless I'm going out or I decided to be pretty for nothing. 
And the problem of wearing specs is that, the fringe will look super ugly! 
So I rather to just wear a headband, let everyone see my buey-pai-seh face. 

This was my hair. Let's put it this way, it was best described as bamboo broom. 

Niko said she did not want to straighten my bang else my hair would look flatter. She applied straightening creme on my hair and let the hair absorb for about 20 minutes. 

After washing off the straightening creme and some straightening jobs, look at the hair now. 
Straight and smooth isn't it? 

For a second I thought this was some memory-draining machine.
This machine had my mind gone mind-fucked for a minute:
Le villain: Tell me all your secret! Else I would have drain your memory!
Me: NO! I will tell you nothing!
Le Villain: (Evil laugh) If I were to turn on this machine, you will go BALD! Now Tell me everything you know!
Me: Nooooooooooo

Anyway, this is a digital hair perm ceramic machine. 
I have to sit still for 20 minutes because I scared I drop the ceramic thingy wrapped in my hair. 

When they took out the ceramic curler from my hair, the hair looked like some hanging hairballs. Cute right? Reminds me of Christmas trees with hanging balls. 

So this is the end result. The unicorn was taken down and being trimmed into a fringe. The little hair balls turned into pretty curls.  

I feel myself younger again lol, just like those xiao mei mei 18 sui bok bok cui.
Anyway, special thanks to Niko in Kim Gallery Salon for styling my hair.
I ish a YOUNG happy girl now~

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