MaGaCon 2012 @ Publika


Disclaimer: Some of the pictures were taken from MaGaCon and Benjamin's Facebook.

Chiang Chiang! MaGaCon was held and I went it! Thanks to Nuffnang for the special tickets!

I skipped Day 1. Apparently Day 1 has more activities compared to Day 2. The Cosplays! Oh yes, I missed the Cosplays. Click on the links below to check out the photos taken on that day.

Day 1 & Day 2

Received two types of entry pass, normal and Nuffnanger pass.

Nah, I completed three quests lor, and I played Call of Duty wtf. Kena head shot for the win!

Whereas, le bf completed the normal pass one. Meh. mine is not completed, I skipped some of the quests and I enjoyed painting the little Iron Man!

NEH, here's my handsome little Iron Man.

"Stole" this picture from Nuffnang. I have no idea what was I trying to pose. 

Le giant Jenga game. 

An interesting Zombie Card Game. You can see there's a leng lui zombie too. 

Thanks to Benjamin, I forced le bf to take photo with Darth Vader.
The Star Wars song was playing on the Darth Vader's tummy lol.

Oh yeah, Congratz to Iris and Tony for winning a set of World of Warcraft Timewalkers Trading Card Game.

Hopefully, MaGaCon will be held at a bigger venue next year. 

For more info, please visit:

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  1. too bad I din make it !! It looks funnnnnn !!! >~<

    1. It does! Especially the dancing one :D AND THE TEKKEN GAME

  2. I went through the list of games and have only experience a handful of them before. LOL. I'm more interested in the board games but opt out going to MaGaCon because I was too lazy. :P

    1. y u lazy~~~~ But it was too crowded. Bet you still need to queue for quite a long time only can get your hands on the board games

  3. Replies
    1. MY FATS LA. I got butterfly arm. hu dip sao

  4. hiya Jennifer! hehe. nuffnang is great to earn passive income as a student. I think more people should start up blogs so our Malaysian online community would be more informed and colourful.


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