Yuberative | Rimmel London & Sally Hansen Beauty Party


Disclaimer: Some of the images were taken from Yuberactive Facebook

Special thanks to JQ for inviting me to such great event. I was invited to an event organized by Yuberactive, with conjunction Rimmel London and Sally Hansen. To my surprise, the StarAsia Brand Knights were there too! Check out here for StarAsia Brand Knights.

What is Yuberative?
Yuberactive is a community that aims to make a difference and invoke positive action by bringing inspiring stories from influencers across Asia.

Opening speech by Patrick, Founder & CEO of MAD (Left)
Sharing session by Joanne from Yuberactive (Middle)
Story sharing by Jiayee from Our Little Book Keeper (Right)

Prizes worth up to RM 1200 in total for the Top 3 winners!

We were told to convey a message by using words or drawing, and also with make-up. It is a small contest where by the contestants were asked to pick a cause and inspire others through beauty.

 Beauty products from Rimmel London

Nail polishers from Sally Hansen

Here's an before and after. Kudos to Isabel and Rane for the flower!

After having our precious time to pamper ourselves with the products, a small photo shoot session for all the groups were taken. Check out HERE for all the pretty photos taken.
This is our photos - a passport look-alike
From left to right: Me, Isabel and Rane

Our group photo

Credit goes to Isabel.

However, my group did not win the contest but these are the lucky winners!
Congratulation to Sher Lynn and her team member for being the first!

Lastly, a group photo of the fellow Brand Knights and bloggers!

Finger food prepared by Ecoba Restaurant. Couldn't remember what kind of bread it was but it tasted awesome!

Le birthday girl, Iris and I.

A cute door gift from Sally Hansen and Rimmel London: Nail polish and Lip Gloss. The Insta-Dry nail polish really dried as fast as it could after I applied it on the nails 

Although I was late for the event, but I actually learned that Yuberactive is an inspiring community! Interesting stories can be read from the website and it was a fun experience with the bloggers. Though stories are being shared from different people everyday but who has the interest to read them are the key point for one to share his stories. Yuberactive can be said as a platform to share good deeds. In short, I found a platform to read inspiring stories from the people! Awesome~

Check out Yuberative at
Official website: http://www.yuberactive.asia/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YUBERACTIVE

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  1. Yay!! Congrats to me!! *muka tembok*

  2. There are many inspiring story in yuberactive website,at times it gave me motivation to start my work the next morning! I'd actually love tge snack they serve that day...nom nom And good job to my team sher lynn n kate! Yay..

  3. LOL girls contenging their faces happily LOLOL. Cold War HK movie review

  4. congratz to Sherlyn!!! ur make up looks good! :D


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