Great things about Chinese New Year


A recap for Chinese New Year 2013. I had lots of fun this year and I hope with my hard works, I can achieve what I want. So beat it~ Come on challenges, I will conquer you!
Moving on, our family went back to Melacca (home town) and stayed in my couson's house.
Le sister and me on the very first day of Chinese New Year. Are we look alike?

What can you do for Chinese New Year in the home town?
You see, the very best moment is to eat and eat and eat. 
I love having meals in my home town for Reunion Dinner, the food prepared is just too awesome. 
You can view HERE for all the food. 

Chinese New Year is also great for extra income. Well, at least it works for me right now. You can only get extra income when you are not married though. 

Behold, I am going to show you the little devils and angels. 
BABIES! Aren't them cute? You can check out more of them at the album HERE.

It is also time to flaunt all the new clothes. With all my attires, I love my shoes the most. Girlish yet stylish type is what I want for myself. 

Firecrackers and fireworks, the norms for the Chinese every year. 
Sad to say this but Chinese are so rich, that they keep on putting up the fireworks or firecrackers during the first two days of Chinese New Year. 

Chinese New Year is also the best time for me to play games. 
Seriously, I missed all the free times I had for games before I started my working life. 

 I am not lifeless, I still know how to play Mahjong one ok? Though I did not gamble but it was fun to see my family and relatives playing Mahjong.

Since it is Chinese New Year, Lion Dance is a must in our family. Well, not exactly a must but it has been quite a norm for us to call upon Lion Dance and hope that it will bring good luck to us. It was pretty amazing to see those who played the instruments are teenagers and kids.

I have seen most of friends lou yee sang for at least 3 time during the Chinese New Year, but for myself I only had it one time. WHY YEE SANG? Why you no come to mama?

When Chinese New Year is coming to an end, I would always have this problem: How to finish all these junks? There are only three of us in my family and the higher possibility to eat all these junks is me. Oh gosh, I know I want to grow fatter but this is way too much for improper meals. These are just some of them, my mom keeps another bunch of of them in another cabinet. 

So, Chinese New Year has officially ended today. How is your Chinese New Year treating you?
Did you have lots of fun as I do? Share me your story~

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