[Review] ModBox January 2013


I knew this is pretty late for January's Beauty Box and the reason for this lateness is: I am indulging myself in RO2 recently. Yeah la, I have more passion in gaming compared to blogging. I can stay up late at night for games but not blogging. Sorry baby blog, you are my second love. Ever since Fabulous Finds stopped its service, I have been searching for alternatives and it is hard to find a better one. 

What is Modbox?

Modbox is a beauty box subscription service in Malaysia with awesome brands to deliver deluxe beauty samples to subscribers every month. 

A note from The Modbox Crew and I find it to be cute for having a small column for the subscribers to fill up the blank. Now that I have shared out mine, so what is your main focus for year 2013?
Ok la, I am a bit noob. I have never been to Thailand. Although I have been to Singapore but I want to stay longer and play more in Singapore. 

Cellnique | Skin Action Sebum Gel RM159 / 30ml
This sebum gel helps to control skin congestion, reducing blackheads and white-heads to have a clearer, smoother skin. 

Claire Organics | Handmade Organic Soap (Rose Hips) RM 16-RM 23 / 100g (+/- 10g)
It is made from only fresh and natural high quality ingredients such as organic virgin olive oil and essential oil. Each soap from Claire Organics is manually cut and carefully cured for 45 days.

SANTE Naturkosmetik | Body Lotion Grenadine Spirit)
With a harmonising and memorable scent, this body lotion features precious organic camellia oil that is bound to leave the skin feeling smooth and soft.

My Beauty Diary | Bulgarian White Rose RM 39.90 / 1 box of 10pcx
With white rose hydrosol and kiwi essence, this mask instantly whitens and hydrates skin to give the skin a radiant glow. 

Kiss Me | Heroine Make Impact Liquid Eyeliner RM 49.90 /2.5g (Full size)
Long-lasting waterproof eyeliner . It is voted as one of the must-have-can't-leave-home-without-it items. 

Overall rating: 
It is the cheapest beauty box in the market and I sort of like it much. It is such a surprise to see ModBox is having Kiss Me Eyeliner for this month. It is
Personal Favourite: Kiss Me | Heroine Make Impact Liquid Eyeliner

A little note for those who are interested to become the subscribers

-Subscribe month-to-month
-RM 19 per month
- Cancel anytime before shipment

- Receiv a box a month for 3 months
- RM 57 for 3 months @ RM 19 a box
- Easy commitment with little risk

- Receive a box a month for 6 months
- RM 99 for 6 months @ RM 16.50 a month
- The most popular plan 

- Receive a box a month fot 12 months
- RM 198 for 12 months @ RM 16.50 a box
- Beauty guaranteed for a year

The rate stated above does not include the delivery fees.

Delivery & Handling cost
Peninsular Malaysia (RM 9 per box), East Malaysia (RM 11 per box)

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  1. I use the sebum gel before. Quite good de but pricey lor >.<

  2. Pretty good considering that not all of the products are in sample size. How I wish there's a box for guys... like porno box or something lol. A Good Day To Die Hard review


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