Revisited Nadeje Cake House @ Melacca


This is my second time to revisit Nadeje Cake House in Melacca. Thank you so much to cousie for the first time and I am blaming you for having me to crave for it now and then. 
Before I make my move to try on the crepes in the newly opened branch in Petaling Jaya, let me show you what I had during Chinese New Year.
Oh yes, you read it right, Nadeje Cake House has opened the branch at Petaling Jaya on 18/02/2013. 

Nadeje Cake House prides itself on its fresh ingredients and finest handmade Mille Crepe and other special cakes/desserts that taste flovourful and satisfying all on its own. (Source) 

Nadeje Cake House did some renovation and I simply love the elegant feel of it. You can check them out HERE.

We ordered Original Mille Crepe and Chocolate Mille Crepe. Both priced at RM 9.50 per piece. According to cousie, the price went up for RM 1 every year. Well, did I just make you drool?

Original flavour is my all time favourite and I have never had enough of it. The creamy cheese yet soft texture balances the taste. The cream spreads evenly on the mille crepe and instantly melts in the mouth. You may think I over praised it but hell no! This mille crepe is too awesome~ 

Cappuccino and Mango Yakult
Yes, the portion is too small for one to be charged more than RM 7.90. This is definitely not a place for drinks but merely for cakes. Well, heard from cousin it is free for plain water (I must order the plain water). Ok la, I am cheapskate.

Check out more of the photos on my Facebook Album HERE.

Verdict: The drinks are quite expensive. As usual, Nadeje has satisfied my cravings with the cakes. I am looking forward for new flavours.  

Nadeje Cake House
G-23, 25 & 27, Jalan PM 4, 
Plaza Mahkota,
75000 Melaka. 
Tel: 06-2838750
Facebook: Nadeje Cake Shop

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  1. COME we go the PJ branch! It's 5 minutes away from my house lolz

    1. I have been there for twice and it is a very bad idea to go on a weekend. People mountain people sea XD

  2. I am not a fan of mille crepes so urm oklah tried them once but never returned :D

    1. The PJ one is a bit over rated coz their taste is not up to my expectation at all T.T

  3. arhh!! i miss eating the original flavour mille crepe!!! :D

    1. You can go eat now :D But be prepare first yeah, the taste isn't as lovely as it should be.

  4. Yes yes, I still find the original flavour the best among all flavours. Bila mau pergi PJ punya? xD

    1. I just went XD. Lets go the other time~ together gather with Isabel maybe?


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