Nadeje Cake Shop @ PJ 3 Two Square


Disclaimer: The food review was purely based on my opinions. Different people might have different preference towards the mille crepe. 

Hello people, I am back in action lol. Not that I have been missing in the blogosphere, I am constantly updating my blog with RO2 tips.
Here I am, back in action, introducing you one of the hot spot in town, Nadeje at PJ 3 Two Square.

It was a weekend and you can see from the picture, there were lots of people queuing up for the cakes.

Original Mille Crepe RM9.50
Surprisingly, this tasted better than the first time I visited here. The texture was ok and does not have the thick milky taste. Well, guess I am still loving the one in Melacca outlet.

Cheese Mille Crepe RM 9.50
This is pretty interesting because mille crepe is creamy and for this one, the slight cheesy taste out-stand the creamy one. Though I still find the taste to be weird but this is something I would want to try again next time.  

Berry Berry Strawberry Mille Crepe RM 9.50
If you like to have a hint of sourness and sweetness in your cake, this might be the one you like. The strawberry taste is thick and blends so well with the vanilla filling.  

Tiramisu Mille Crepe RM 9.50
This taste ordinary for me. The tiramisu filling is average and wouldn't give you a "wow" feeling of it. But if you like to try something different, you can have this. I do love tiramisu but this is not my cup of tea. 

Banana Chocolate Mille Crepe RM 9.50
On the other hand, this is pretty interesting. the banana aroma blended so well with the chocolate one. That banana creamy taste did left a strong aroma in the mouth.

Rum & Raisin Mille Crepe RM 9.50
I don't like this piece of cake LOL. Ok, simply because of the rum's taste. I find it to be weird to have a slight alcoholic taste on a piece of cake. The taste for rum and the raisin couldn't blend well into the mille crepe and it actually make the mille crepe taste badly. 

Tokyo I Cappuccino RM 7.00
No, this is not the good cappuccino you would want to have lol. I wouldn't want to compare it with Starbucks, but it is worse than the cappuccino in Secret Recipe. Well, you can always get free plain water.  

Verdict: Though this is a self-service outlet, there isn't much space for the customers to move around. I must say the area itself is a failure to begin with as there are too limited seats for tons of clients. I do hope they would do something about it. As for the cakes, not quite sure the quality will drop over time as these cakes are delivered all the way from Melacca. The cakes I tried aren't as tasty as there were back then. 

Nadeje Cake Shop
B-01-01, Dataran 3 Two Square
Jalan 19/1, Section 19
46300 Petaling Jaya
Tel: 03-79600025
Facebook: Nadeje Cake Shop

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  1. long queue thanks to

  2. i love the original flavour!! :D

  3. Just tried the original one and YUM! Pretty good~ Will wait til the crowd dies down first though

    1. XD. Told you. But I think the crowd will still be there. Since they only have one outlet.


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