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I believe every MMO has a PVP system. Ok la, that is just my belief, but every MMO I played has PVP system. PVP simple means Player-Versus-Player in the game, unless you want to PVP your friends in real life.

In RO2, here are the types of PVP in the game right now.

Single Target PVP
You can choose to "dual" with your opponent any time or any where you like.
To start the PVP, click on your selected opponent and right click on him. Choose "Battle Request" and wait for him to respond.
A count down will start once your opponent has agreed to battle with you. Enjoy your fight after the count down!

PVP Arena
The PVP Arena is a battle arena which allow the players to test their PVP Skills.
The battle arena is located at the Southeast of Prontera City. Players can enter and leave the Arena by just talking to the NPC.
The PVP Arena can be used for PVP Competitions and Guild Wars too.

PVP Colossuem
PVP Colosseum is an open area for all players to test their with one another. Colosseum can only be accessed at a certain time and the battle will only begin when a certain condition is met. Those who enter this battle ground will have equal status regardless of level and equipment. Hence, this battle allows lower level player to participate and stand a chance to win higher level player. PVP Colosseum will be held twice a day on 2100 hours (+8 GMT) and 2300 hours (+8 GMT).
  • You can enter Colosseum when you reach Level 10 and a Colosseum button will be displayed on the lower right of your game screen at an arranged time.
  • Click on "Enter" to get into the Colosseum and standby in the arena. A standby time will be display to gather an amount of player before the battle starts.
  • The game will proceed for 5 rounds, in each round players with the least point will be eliminated from the Colosseum and cannot re-enter by using the same character.
  • PVP Points will be rewarded to the players by advancing each round and the points allow player to exchange for various items via NPC in Prontera.

What else can I say now?
KILL ALL THE HUMANS, in the game though.

RO2 PVE Arena (Normal)
RO2 Garden of Baphomet

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