DEFINE @ Zebra Square Kampung Pandan


Disclaimer: Some pictures are taken from Jackie, the photographer of the night. 

Even though I stay in KL but apparently I wasn't aware of Zebra Square LOL. Ok la, I'm quite a failure as a KL people. Thanks to Manoah Consultancy for Define Privilege Party.

The Slogan for the night was pretty cool: Redefining Your Senses, where everyone's dress code were White and slight Blue (except some rebellious one).

I was pretty impressed with all the interior design that night. for both indoor and outdoor.
There was a weird Canopy that looks like a flask.

Patricia K was the Emcee for the night and of course, there were DJs spinning on the stage, with lots of screens behind them.

I don't remember I took this photo with flash. Anyway, here's Kah Mon, Yeeing and me.

Ok, I kinda miss my long hair now, with a little curls that look like lion's tail. Hair, I miss you!

Ok la, I feel myself like a VIP there because I get to sit at the comfortable chair lol. 
Ashley~ What Cha doing~ Don't Siam us~ 

I'm happy because I can spot my eyes LOL. I found myself hard to get my eyes open as wide as possible for camera flash. 

A good night indeed. Met these two pretty ladies, Julie and Michelle. We did Gwiyomi lol.

Bad things happened on that night but still, I enjoyed the party. I forgot to take my wallet out and during the event, my heels broken wtf. HEELS, Y U SO SCUMBAG? I had to went home earlier and missed out the fun with the girls. Anyway, thank you Jackie for the ride and I know you tried your best not to laugh when you saw my heels broken LOL. Thanks to le boyfie for fetching home right away after he knew my heels was broken. 

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  1. Even I also don't know where Zebra Square is. Btw, you girls look so gorgeous! Time to buy new heels liao :P


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