Red is the solution for doubts



What can you think of when you come across this word?
Well, It reminds me of the movie R.E.D - Retired Extremely Dangerous.
It was a hilarious movie with awesome actors around.

RED reminds me of Jessica Rabbit from "Who Framed Roger Rabbit".
Just look at that body shape 
Isn't she smexy enough to hold this striking red gown?

RED even reminds me of roses~ Romantic hor? I always dream to receive a bouquet of roses in office. 
Ya la, I'm being a typical girl, but who wouldn't be happy to receive a bouquet of roses leh?
Trying to give a hint to le boyfie

At one point, I even bought this backpack because of its striking red color 
This backpack has accompanied me for two years in college. 
No doubt, it has retired now and rest assure in my drawer lol. 
K la, I just don't use my backpack ever since I've started my working life. 

With all the red stuffs you might come across, will you be missing out the red gadget?
Heard from my friends that Samsung came out with Red Note II last week. I paid a visit to Samsung outlet yesterday and this is what I found.
A Red Wine Samsung Note II with its sleek and classy design fits on my palm.

Here is an picture of me holding it. It's a little awkward because I literally requested the sales person to take this photo. 

The red metallic color is really hot and sexy. This classy red color will have an illusion where people will think it is different color at different lighting. In darker environment, the Note II will somehow look like as if it is coated with brown shining paper. 

Even the stylus is in maroon red! 

This Red limited edition Samsung Note II can be seen at the following outlets:
  • Samsung 1 Utama
  • Samsung KLCC
  • Samsung The Gardens
  • Samsung Mid Valley
For latest updates, check out on these websites

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