[Review] BCL Browlash EX Lash Sculpture LS Mascara (Black)


Disclaimer: The product was sponsored by Don and Yukiko from Manoah Consultancy. The review is written based on personal opinion and experience. 

I bet most of the girls are particular on the eyes make ups. You can have innocent doll eyes and smexy cat eyes with just a few magic on your eyes. With eyeliners, you can have big eyes within seconds; with mascara, you can have long and thick lashes. 
We, I mean like most of us, are facing this problem: Short lashes.
Irritating right? Lashes are the one to beautify our eyes one leh.

So then started all the mascara trend: Lengthening, Strengthening, Thickening, Doesn't clump up the hair blah blah blah.
While I'm busy browsing which mascara is the best for me, I received a surprise from Don and Yukiko. 
The BCL Browlash EX Lash Sculpture LS Mascara (Black)

Now what this magic little thing does are:
A comb applicator for even application and more separated looking lashes
Problem solved, you can have no worries on clumping up the hair

Oil and sweat proof but can be wash off easily with warm water.
Neh, you can sweat as long as you want with mascara on. The best part is, you can remove the mascara with water-based makeup remover. Cool?

The formula is created for long, separated and clean eyes makeup.
Ever wonder how mascara can turn you to become a panda? Honestly, this mascara hold on the lashes so well and it doesn't fade onto your eyes area. 

Contain beauty essence to take care on the lashes.
Now you wouldn't have to worry lashes dropping like nobody's business.

Here is how you use it
Apply the mascara with your normal routine, just comb it across your lashes up and down repeatedly from the roots. 

And wala! You are done. The picture below shows the difference between my eyes with mascara and without mascara. 
Left: With Mascara
Right: Without Mascara

Now maybe you can see a clearer picture here. You can see my lashes looks longer and thicker now. I was shocked with the results because I don't need to put on fake lashes anymore.
Left: With Mascara
Right: Without Mascara

I faced a problem ever since I started to use mascara. I love using water-proof mascara but it is so d*mn hard to remove these mascara. But I guess I have new love now. 
This mascara that I'm using now is quite easy to remove the mascara because I used water-based eye remover and the mascara came off immediately, like in one try. Amazing right? 

Price: RM 69.90
Product brand: BCL (Beauty Creative Line)
Repurchase: Definitely a Yes! This has gone beyond my expectation lol. Though it is slightly expensive but hey, good stuff with that amount of price is reasonable. I will get this once I finish my mascaras. 

For more info about BCL products, feel free to visit

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  1. Your lashes look so nice. X) Very well arranged.

  2. You have nice flattering lashes and they look even nicer with this mascara! Envy..


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