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I Am Back! I mean I am back to review movies lol. I think I have been missing myself too long from reviewing movies. I would like to update the movies that I've watched but I guess it will take some time for me to remember the details. Anyway, let's start off with Oblivion.

Movie Rating: ★★★✰✰

Jack Harper (Tom Cruise) and Victoria (Andrea Riseborough) are the last two "human" stationed on Earth to repair drones. Part of their mission is to extract vital resources from Earth and eliminate a terrifying threat known as Scavs. In two weeks time, their mission is going to end and they will be back to Titan, where the remaining human are relocated after decades of war with Scavs. 
While Jack spending his sweet time in his favourite non-polluted place, a spacecraft crashed onto the Earth with few sleeping capsules. Jack finds a lady lying in a capsule, who keeps appearing in his dreams. Victoria afraid of the stranger's existence and requested Jack to get rid of her the very next day. While searching for captain's dairy from the crashed spacecraft, the stranger claimed herself to be Jack's wife. Victoria is upset with Jack because he believes in Julia (Olga Kurylenko). A drone appears and kills Victoria when she reports to "Sally" that they are not an effective team any more. 
Jack has no one else to trust but to find his way to meet up with Beech (Morgan Freeman) on restoring the mankind back to the Earth. Here lies the fate on Jack's hand, to restore the humanity or continue to believe in "Sally"...

Tom Cruise as Jack Harper (Tech 49 and Tech 52). So story begins where Jack Harper is a repairman for drones aka the flying battle machines where you will spot in the movie. I love his suit because it practically makes Jack is invulnerable. Somehow I feel weird because Jack seems to be OK with memory wiping system. Well, that is also another reason where he still has uneasy feeling to leave Earth and returns to Titan. 

Andrea Riseborough as Victoria. Victoria is an observant clone whereby she gives instructions to Jack and reports details to Tet. Nothing much about Victoria because she is observant with Jack's every single movement. I believe Victoria has a similar memory problem as Jack because her uneasiness can be sensed so strongly every time Jack asks her to go to the ground. Sadly she KO-ed before she realize the truth.

Olga Kurylenko as Julia Harper. She appeared from nowhere and claimed to be Jack's wife. And Jack believed her immediately. Sounds a bit retarded because she has asleep for 50 years (if I'm not mistaken) and she doesn't get old. Somehow, Jack Tech 42 is pretty strong because he made Julia pregnant LOL. If Julia can get pregnant why not Victoria gets  pregnant? And Julia seems to be happy when she saw another Jack is alive. 

Morgan Freeman as Malcolm Beech. Ok, I knew him as "The God" LOL. Well he isn't the God in this movie because he died at the end. However, he plays an important role to twist Jack's life. He gave a hope to the human races by believing in Jack could save the Earth. I just find it is a little funny the moment I saw he   walking around with his cape. 

Plot holes everywhere lol. However, CG effects and actions have already made their way to cover back the plot holes. There isn't any story telling on how the Earth got conquered by the Tet. The favourite place of Jack isn't destroy at all and there are even living things there, which is one of the biggest plot holes because I thought the Earth was destroyed. Impossible there are only two Jack(s) in the Earth. I mean, Earth is so huge and one Jack is impossible to cover half of the Earth. Since there are numbers on Jack (Tech 49 and Tech 52), does this means there are still a lot of Jacks out there? And if those Jack found Julia, what will happen then? 

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