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Improving your character in RO2 is definitely a must for you to survive in a higher level dungeon. As I mentioned before, you would have get KO-ed by boss with 1 hit. Since now the level cap is at 50, I presume everyone should have more than enough of zeny to upgrade yourself. Upgrading can be zeny consuming lol. There are a few ways to upgrade yourself:

Equipping cards
Remember what I said about Cards? Equipping cards to your character window can help to add on to your stats. Since Culvert and Abyss is out for some time, I should update a little on the new cards. You can always check out the latest card at this website, RO2Base. But for now, I am updating on the card sets in Culvert of Abyss. Well, need not to sya again, these cards are dropped from the monsters in Culvert of Abyss.

In order for you to refine an equipment, you need to approach the Disassemble Expert and click on the Refinement option. Oridecon (weapons) and Ernium (armors) are needed in order to refine an equipment. Place your equipment into the Refinement slot and required material into the Material slot. An amount of fee is required for each refinement. The maximum level of refinement for all equipment is +10. 
You would have a result with equipment +1 or more. In the process of refining your equipment  you might have the chance to fail or degrade the equipment, however the quality will not degrade lower than its original state. 
If you fail on refinement, you also will have the chance to destroy the equipment (especially on purple equipment). You can choose to use Karnium to protect your item from degrading or being destroyed should the refinement fail.

To obtain Oridecon and Ernium, you can dissemble the unwanted equipment. You need to approach a Disassembling Expert NPC where you can find in most of the town.
You would need to purchase a catalyst from the NPC to disassemble your unwanted equipment. You will then receive special materials required for refining and crafting. Different level of equipment requires different grade of catalyst for disassemble purpose. Once you disassemble the items, they will permanently destroyed and cannot be restored.

Runes are the additional enhancement for you to upgrade your character and can be only be slotted into the equipment which has Rune Slots. Rune Slots can be opened by using Drillers. You can obtain Runes +1 to +5 from monster loots. Runes from +6 to +10 are crafted by Enhancement Elixir. Once the runes are being slotted, you will need to buy Rune Remover from Kafra Shop or Auction House to remove the slotted runes from equipment.

Drilling a hole in equipment can only be done if the equipment have Blind Rune Slots. The slots are randomly obtained from monster loots. Different level of equipment requires different grade of drillers. Cash costumes use different type of driller named as Super Puncher. It can be obtained from Auction House or Kafra Service.

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