Unboxing Bag of Love wth Delectable Treats


Beauty boxes are always the love for most of the ladies, I assume. Well you can't blame me for thinking that because who doesn't love surprises that come to your doorstep every month? There are more affordable beauty boxes are available in the market and now guess what? These products are now will be presented in a bag! 

You read it right, Bag of Love packs 5 deluxe sample-size beauty products into a pretty cosmetic bag with different designs. Bag of Love has its first debut bag on March and here is the surprises in March Bag of Love.

Cool huh? Instead of keeping the boxes, you can have those pretty designed bags (can gift to those birthday girls ma)
With so much love given from Bag of Love, an unboxing event will be organized by Bag of Love with Delectable Treats by Su, in collaboration with lovely bloggers at the Butterfly Project. Just few hours ago they had confirmed April Bag of Love - Unboxing will be happening at the cupcake confectionery of Delectable  Treats at Paradigm Mall. 

This event is scheduled on Saturday (27 April 2013), so ignore the mistake up there. The theme for the event will be "The Unboxing Begins", with 30 lucky selected bloggers that will be broken into 2 groups for the excitement. 

Though I missed out the debut Bag of Love but I would love to be the luck one for the unboxing moment. I love surprises every month and I'm pretty sure Bag of Love will sure to surprise me with mysterious products. I have read reviews from some bloggers who subscribed to Bag of Love and got surprised with the products in the bag. I have no idea they got Dr.Murad in it (I have always wanted to get that sample size moisturiser T_T). 
The events organized by The Butterfly Project were always amazing. I attended a few and I have to say I love how myself get pampered so much! Now this event is going to collaborate with Delectable by Su, and I have always adore their desserts because they are all so cute wtf. f I am the lucky one for this event, I can now already imagine myself eating their cakes non-stop wtf. 

Imma fingers-crossed now to be the lucky one in "The Unboxing Begins" event. Wee~
Fear not, you can be part of us to join this event by filling up your details HERE.
Hope to see the lucky ones on that day!

Do check out the links below for details! 

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  1. Seeing you there lah! Hopefully both of us get invited!! XD

    1. Crossing finger. hope to see you there too

  2. thanks fur fur for participating!!! <3


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