WeChat Malaysia Official Launch @ Club Neverland


Hello social media freaks, I bet you have heard of Whatsapp, Blackberry Messenger, Instagram, Pinterest and so on, but have you heard on WeChat yet? Not sure about it? Lai Lai, let me tell you something new today.
  1. WeChat is a new communication tool that supports sending voice, video, photo and text messages, including cute emoticons.
  2. WeChat is available in iOS, Andriod, Symbian, BlackBerry and Windows Phone devices. 
  3. WeChat is supported on Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G data networks.
  4. WeChat can has no limit on the members in a group chat (unlike Whatsapp which has a limit on 30 members).
  5. WeChat is FREE.

WeChat Malaysia has two pretty and handsome Ambassador, Lisa Surihani and Shaheizy Sam.
Check out their TV commercial

There was a Polaroid station where you can take numerous Instant Photos with your friends or yourself. Well this is me and Charmaine trying to imitate the cute little cats. Check out my Facebook Album for more pictures. 

Finally, met this forever-looking-young boy, Joel. He is a super fan of Running Man so if you are one, do sure to read his blog because he is way too funny for it. Oh yeah, he did a Gwiyomi video too. 

Forget the ass lol, I wasn't able to capture a better picture. The event started with a dance by Urban Groove (If I am not mistaken). I can say this is pretty entertaining because of the girls lol. 

Our Emcee of the night, Rudy. He is funny and yes, he did a great job to entertain and interact with the audience. 

Here's a game for the guys and girls. Apparently the powerpuff girls won. And see that tall pretty lady over there? I drooled when I saw her on stage :3. 
Anyway, the winners walked away a hard disk while the guys were given a book ( I presume).

A performance by Awi Rafael. I think he is quite cute though. He has a unique singing voice.

Some of the door gifts I received at the event: A recycled bag, pen, coupons from Domino's Pizza, a lanyard and a Polaroid photo of me and Charmaine.

The best gift among all is this! The Green Pillow. Imma name it as Peapo. It looks like a pea and with a pair of innocent eyes. Just look at the eyes~ Oh the eyes~ I think my bed is going to be occupied with these dolls soon. Pttf

Well, I think the only problem with WeChat is the phone's battery is draining real fast with all the spamming messages. The main key feature that attracts me the most on WeChat is the Voice Messenger. As a BB fan, I can say WeChat out-stands BBM.   

For latest updates and info, feel free to visit their official social media
Facebook: WeChat Malaysia
Twitter: @WeChatMY

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  1. lol was wondering who the specky was!

    1. MEEEE. I know la. got make up and non make up got difference :X

  2. i think i should start a dance group also la... LOL

  3. I was there too! Had much fun! :)

  4. U evil Ah fuuuuuuuuuu~ nothing la, write shuang only. Btw, feels old liao, no energy to party adi. Good night!!

    1. old pi gu! oh yeah maybe your pigu is really old

  5. Nice meeting you that day! :)

  6. it's good to party lu~ haiz...

    1. but it's too crowd to party that night :D

  7. waaaa!! so nice can meet so many bloggers there! :)


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