Unzipping Tea Party with Bag of Love & Delectable by Su


Did I mentioned I was one of the members for The Butterfly Project?
And because of that, I got the opportunity to attend the Tea Party organized by Bag of Love and The Butterfly Project at Delectable by Su.
I wrote a brief description on this tea party before HERE and finally the day has come. It is quite cool to see there are tables in Delectable by Su as far as I could remember, there weren't any outlet has any tables in it. 

With the lovely founder of Bag of Love, MiMi (Left) and Organizer of this awesome event, Tammy (Right)

So much coincidence, The Star newspaper featured MiMi on one of the columns. 

Can you imagine these are all for us? I mean, LOOK AT THOSE MARSHMALLOW! 

Delectable by Su has this special promotion whereby you will have two choices to make for a Hi-Tea session only at Paradigm Mall. This picture here is not deceiving you as this promotion is available everyday from 2PM-6PM!
Here is a list of Menu you will have for the Hi-Tea:
  1. Spicy Sausage Puff
  2. Chocolate Macaron
  3. Roasted Cashews
  4. Moist Chocolate Cake (Must Try!!)
  5. 2 Delectable Cookies
  6. Cherry Almond Cake (Recommended)

You will be given a pot of tea (the picture shown is Set Tea for 2) and a beautiful Hi-Tea tray filled with snacks. I am so grateful for MiMi to sponsor for preparing us such a lovely Hi-Tea session in Delectable by Su. 

Let the Unzipping session begins~

MiMi was so kind and had all of us to pamper ourselves with these!
  • Definite Contour Brush Full Size 
  • Phytojoba Intense Hydration Brilliance Shampoo for Dry Hair 
  • Burt's Bee Richly Replenishing Cocoa & Cupuagu Butters Body Lotion for Dry Skin 
  • NUXE Brightening Program Brightening BB Cream SPF 30
  • The Body Shop Deep Sleep Dreamy Pillow & Body Mist
  • DECLÉOR Hydra Floral Anti-Pollution Moisturising Cream
  • DECLÉOR Aromaplasty Signature Facial Treatment voucher worth RM 98

A picture for all the bloggers

P/S: Oh yeah, I went for the DECLÉOR Aromaplasty Signature Facial Treatment and it was the best facial treatment I ever had. OK la, I had a horrible facial treatment before but for this, I highly recommend you to go for it. So soon, I will have a review about it. 

Picture Source: The Butterfly Project & my Facebook

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  1. like BEP's song once said...where is the love? Oh it's in the bag! :P

    1. XD. The song plays in my head as well.

  2. lol all the yummy hi-tea foodssss!! >.<

  3. Replies
    1. Yes Swee San! It is good enough for me. Though 1 ohur 45 minutes including massage seems to be a bit rush, but overall I love it


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