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HiShop has collaborated with bloop for a Candy Makeup Party last weekend. It was a fun party despite of its colorful theme and knowledgeable party. Psss, I am now a bloop Buddyz too. So do stay tune on my blog for bloop's reviews, I will be having one shortly.
Lai, let me introduced a little about bloop. Although bloop can be seen in most drug stores such as Watsons, but I bet not everyone knows about it. 

bloop represents a new generation of makeup whereby it helps women in the highly demanding and competitive world. bloop has an innovative packaging and enhanced product quality; triggered by passion and love, causing bloop to access the best line of cosmetics manufacturing, research and technological advancement. 
bloop's mission is to deliver Exceptional Quality at Affordable Prices. At the same time, bloop is a platform to enhance confidence level and unleash own personality.

Moving on to the party, I have more photos in the Facebook Album so do pay a visit there.
So since this is a candy make up party, candies are a must for this party. 
I see my lovely marshmallow there, oh gosh I hope I have no diabetes because I will stuff marshmallow into my mouth as much as possible. 

More Candies! More Lollipops!

J.CO Baby Donuts! I love all this chibi size doughnuts, aren't they cute? 

I knew bloop from Watsons LOL. Bloop has been on the Watsons shelve for some times with the nail polishes. I am pretty sure you came across of the nail polishes with The Crack series and The Magnetic series in Watsons. 

bloop has then came out with the latest nail polish range, The Sandy. 
I chose these colors and four of them are from Sandy range, except the middle one, Foilistic range.

Tada! Showing off the colors with short fingers. 

This palette caught my attention. I love all the brown color in this palette. 
15 colors mixes with mattes, satins, shimmers and neutrals for RM 89.90

A Basic Makeup session was held by Mrs. Chan, the Founder of Bloop. She stressed on the importance of daily skincare routine and the correct method to put on makeups. 

Now, let the Journey of Makeover begin. 
First, remove the existing makeup with bloop Makeup Remover. I like the scent and it is water-based too. It reminds me of Bifesta Makeup Remover. 

bloop Marine Botanical Toner 35g RM 28.00. 
Tone the skin with this and I love the refreshing scent on my face. I felt my skin was fully cleanse and hydrated after spraying this on the face. 

bloop Marine 4 in 1 Pure Aloe Vera Gel 35g RM 28.00
Mrs. Chan reminded us not to dot any of the moisturising cream on the nose as that is a T-zone area, which is the peak area for sebum secretion. Dot the gel on the forehead, cheeks and chin. Spread around the gel by massaging it onto your skin. It helps on hydrating and skin protection. 

After applying the basic skin care products onto the face, it was time to put on some make ups. We were asked to put on the cream foundation, loose powder and blusher in a correct way. 
I used bloop Candy Cream Foundation (028), bloop Two Way Cake (03) and bloop Candy Blusher (04) to achieve a natural glowing look. 

Then we were taught to beautify our eyes. Ok, this is the hardest part for me because I have no idea on applying any eye shadows, especially facing with all these colors. Attracting colors but dangerous too, if applyingit in the wrong way. 

Nah! The before and after makeover. Though I see no much different of getting a makeover, but I do look a bit "hiao" with the red lips wtf. 

A Candy Makeup Contest was held and we were asked to come up with the most creative candy-themed makeup. I drew a lollipop on the cheek, with a pair of purple brown LOL. Looking fierce with a marshmallow? 

There were three winners for the contest and three lucky draws for the lucky ones. Kay was the most lucky candy girl because she won for the contest and lucky draw. 

Of course, not to forget a selca session with the friends.
Le me, Charmaine, Kah Mon and Fishie

This is Celia, Brand Manager of bloop. She is friendly and bubbly. 

Thank you Mabel and bloop for this wonderful party.

Pssss, I have something nice for you. Be hold! I present you this discount code, where all of my readers can use it for purchases worth RM 100 and above.
HiShop RM 20 Cash Voucher Discount Code: HS0713
Valid until 31 July 2013
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bloop can be purchased via HiShop/bloop

Check out bloop latest updates and collections here
Official Website
Facebook: bloop

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