[DIY] Wool Felt Bunny with a Baby


A really really really really really short update for this one.
Since le boyfie came back from Vietnam, and so happen I had the mood of making something for him, I've decided to make this for the boyfie.

I found this on Bonnie's Going Home to Toost and I think this is super cute.
Well, boyfie loves bunny. 

Do check out on her website to get the bunny's template and steps for completing this set of bunnies.
I am not good in sewing and I took 5 hours to complete them.
Well, at least the boyfie is happy.

I would suggest you to have a testing on the small one, and continue to the big bunny. 
This can help on you to get familiar to the stitches and train for your patience. 
Small Bunny
You will then need to get a big bunny, with a pocket. A Kangaroo-typed-of-pocket. 
Big Bunny with pocket
P/S: You can get the materials easily from Daiso, the RM 5 wonderland. 

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