[Review] Holika Holika Oil Queen Cotton Pact SPF 30/PA++


I used to adore those face with flawless skin and always love their non-oily face. Due to my sensitive and combination skin, I've always facing troubles on having an oily-look whenever I'm going out. I felt my face was dirty back then, with an oily face pairing with make up.
So I guess maybe putting on powder can help on reducing the chances to show off my oily skin to others, I bought this, Holika-Holika Oil Queen Cotton Pact. 

Cute or no? I can say this is the cutest compact powder that I have ever seen. I like that little cloud up there with a ribbon on it. Some benefits I've read for using this compact powder:
  • Oil Control
  • Convenient
  • UV Protection
  • Matte Finish look
  • Can be used as pressed powder

It comes with a puff and a plastic separator. An utmost appreciation to the product design for this plastic separator as it is more hygienic than placing a puff directly onto the powder. Though the puff may have its usage, I find using a brush would have a better result.   

The powder has a cloud embossed on it but once you start to use the powder, the cloud will disappear. And yes, the compact powder is in white color. Most of the compact powders in the market are either in pinkish or natural beige color, I was quite surprised this is in white color. 

Though a patch of white powder can be seen when you first put it on your skin, once you swipe it and it goes transparent. It gives you a baby skin and matte finish look. 

After I swiped it off, there seems to be no difference except the skin feel softer and matte finish. However, if apply it using the puff onto your face directly, I find my face turned out to be pale and does not give me a matte finish look. Then I switched to brush method and the result seems to be better than before. It gives me a healthy matte finish look for quite some period. If I do not sweat, the matte finish look probably last for 3-4 hours, depending on the environment. 

  Price: RM 44.90
  Product Brand: Holika Holika
  Purchase: Nope. Though I love the matte finish look but I prefer Holika Holika Milky Veil Oil Zero Powder. I personally felt the powder is more transparent than Oil Queen Cotton Pact and does not give a white-face problem. This may suits those with oily skin as it really helps on controlling your sebum secretion. 

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