Second Date with Yves Rocher and Lilac


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My first date with Lilac was with REN skin care, a lovely introduction to a British skin care brand.
After having myself to get closer with Lilac Box and REN, I got another blind date with Yves Rocher. 
And this time, the Lilac Bloggers spent the honourable time with the Lilac Box members as well. All of us were given a passport with a box and it made me felt like I am going to fly to France for a romantic getaway. Before I get on to the schedule, it is good to know what is Yves Rocher. 

Yves Rocher was created 50 years ago in France, guarantee skin's beauty by providing an organic solutions to the consumers. The key plants found in Yves Rocher are farmed, harvested and manufactured in Brittany, then distributed Yves Rocher without any intermediaries. With this, Yves Rocher ensures the consumer can get the best beauty care at the best possible price.  

Moving on~ 

This is Rudi with his fancy moves, and he is also one of The Lilac Box partners. Heard of his story on the birth of The Lilax Box and I must say I was surprised by the founders of The Lilax Box. Well, The Lilax Box was formed by three manly guys and they started off The Lilax Box with nothing, pretty amazing huh?

This is Mr. Chan, the General Manager for Yves Rocher. Thanks to him, I got the chance to discover myself more in this workshop. He gave us an insight of the usage of the Passport so let's get started. 

#Station 1: Your Skin Care
This is an evil machine, namely Face Analysis System. The main objective for this machine is to expose your skin's age. Ah yes, should you have your make up on or the other way round, it still can find out your skin's actual age. 

Ok this is me, the right side is my AVATAR form. 

I was quite happy lah, that my skin is 2 years younger than my actual age. I thought this was normal until I saw the result from Chency. Her skin is 6 years younger than her actual age wtf? Give me your skin woman~ Oh yea, she is 19 now and you can scroll down to see how she looks like. 

Hydra Vegetal, a skin care product series to moisturise and hydrate your skin. Check out here for their details.

#Station 2: Les Plaisirs Nature
Next station is to find out our preference on body care. We were given the Les Plaisirs Natures series for choosing the preferred scent. 

Les Plaisirs Nature Yellow Peach
I chose this one at the end. I prefer light and natural scent over the sweet and fruity ones. 

Les Plaisirs Nature Raspberry and Blackberry

Les Plaisirs Nature Olive Oil

Les Plaisirs Nature Organic Vanilla

#Station 3 My Fragrance is ME

So the little survey told me I am a person who loves nature and a delicate person, wtf? Means I am sensitive to everything lah? Anyway, the survey showed I prefer light and fresh scents that reminds me of nature. So in the end, I chose Naturalle Eau de Toilette. It has a refreshing scent that lingers around me for quite some time. 

#Station 4: Perfect Match Foundation
The store promoter helped me to get the perfect shade of foundation in order to match my skin tone and condition. I was told Flawless Finish Fluid Foundation  (Rose 200 Teint Clair) suits my skin the most and I don't deny it. I like the dewy finish look on my skin and I don't feel myself wearing a thick foundation on my face. 

#Station 5: Sweet Memory
Then, we have final destination to create a wonderful memory in Yves Rocher Workshop. They provided us some props so we wouldn't look so dull in the photo. The right one is Chency, the girl with ageless skin LOL 

#There is only a Lucky Star
She won a bag of Yves Rocher's products. There is a set of make up products from Yves Rocher in that tiny pouch. 

Before I end my post, take a look on the beautiful members who attended the workshop.
Here are the great minds behind The Lilac Box, Rudi (left) and Ky-Gan (right). Thank you for having this awesome workshop and let us discover more about ourselves. 

And then, shall we proceed to the day's damages? Oh yes, I should. Whether you want to know or the other way round, I am still going to show you my damages LOL. I bought a full sized Yellow Peach body lotion costed me RM 29.00, which allowed me to have a lifetime membership card. Yay! And, I got a free gift from purchasing the body lotion as well, a pink nail polish. Double Yay!

On one last note: Yves Rocher offers affordable yet premium quality products to the consumers. I've always thought the products in Yves Rocher would be expensive like hell but no leh, I was having a wrong perception about it. Thank you so much to Lilax Box and Yves Rocher for this awesome opportunity. I got to discover and learn myself more and at the same time, learn so much about Yves Rocher. 

The Lilac Box
Facebook: Thelilacbox

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  1. I like how you called the machine, evil. Haha.. Fun seeing you the other day dear. Hope to see ya soon! =)

    1. Nice knowing you too. And yeah, the machine is evil :(


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