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Hello people, how are you doing?
My June ended in quite a dramatic way and I am believing everything is going to be better for a new life journey.
Some of you might know I've attended a bloop Candy Makeup Party recently and I changed my perception on bloop. It is fun to attend beauty events as I am able to grab interesting facts throughout the events.

As for today, I will share a little review on bloop LV Lip Glass that I had received at the party.
bloop claims this lip gloss can give the following benefits:  
  1. It gives an attractive shimmer colors on your lips
  2. It gives a natural soft look to your lips and easy to apply
  3. Non oily and moisturizes the lips

The one I received is bloop LV Lip Gloss (217) in tube form. 

This is a brush typed so I assume you can directly use it on the lips. The color wasn't reddish as I thought. 

There you go. The color gives a slight red orange color instead of the reddish one I saw from the tube. Well, the color on the lips was another story. 
The lip gloss doesn't give an oily nor stickiness feel, indeed the lip gloss has a watery gel texture. 

I played around with the lip gloss by making a pair of gradient lips. 
I concealed my lips with lip concealer and applied the lip gloss and the inner part of the lips. 
Then I swiped outward but not on the entire lips. 
Finally, I touched up the outer part of my lips with lip balm to reflect the glossiness of the lips.
Somehow I managed to make a pair of gradient lips but the color wasn't intense to show the gradient lips. 
At the end I swiped the whole lips with the lip gloss and I am liking the pinkish yet girlish color on the lips. 

Please Please Please ignore my mustache LOL. As you can see below, the color doesn't give a big difference when you are taking picture with or without flash. 
It gives a slight shimmering and glassy look and wouldn't give an "oily-sausage-lips" look. 

I did some test here. I wiped off the lip gloss with a tissue and obviously, the gloss will be wiped off instantly. I found the lip gloss is moisturizing instead of stickiness or greasiness. Though I wiped off the gloss, the color still remained 50% on the lips. 

Next, I tried it on the cup. Of course the gloss part will be remained on the cup however, the moisturizing effect still remained on the lips. 

Do remember to use makeup remover to remove the lip gloss on your lips. Two wipes should be enough to remove the lip gloss. 

Rating: ★★★☆☆
Price: RM 28.00
Product Brand: bloop
Where to Purchase: HiShop / bloop
Verdict: I seldom use lip makeup products, at most I would use a lip balm. I am putting my likes on this lip gloss due to its moisture yet glossy look on my lips. It is perfect to be in a bag as a slight touch up for the lips from this lip gloss can help on enhancing one's feature. Natural pinkish color with a slight glassy pair of lips is perfect for a simple daily makeup.  

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